Monday, 30 April 2012

Editor's choice

This pic of me was selected by the Editor of WIWT as one of her favourite outfits. How cool!

FYI- WIWT- is a site where you upload pics of your daily oufits and members can comment or give your outfit a gold star.

Hat-St Saviours (
Print blouse-Topshop
Leather shorts-Warehouse
Check out the

Bargain of the week

Oohhh this week's bargain of the week was quite accidental. I saw this item in the sale section and assumed it was put there by mistake, so I asked the Sales assistant to check the price for me. She came back with a big smile and told me that this item was in the sale and was now.... £1.

My reaction... 'say whaaaa'


PRICE: WAS £25, NOW £1


Do you like?




Burberry Brit (

Urban Oufitters

This outfit is a  look I am playing with. I am after a cute outfit for a fashion show I am blogging at on Friday.

On my List.....

So my wish list is growing by the day, grrrr. Here are a few things that  I MUST have asap!!

My 2 faves: the Topshop printed blazer (I have tried this on ummm SO many times) and the denim skull waistcoat; how cute!

River Island



How FAB is the back?!


River Island


Urban outfitters

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fashion against aids

There is nothing more rewarding then contributing to a good cause. Well on a pay day shopping trip (last Friday), I popped into H&M and stumbled across their fab fashion against aids' range. Within about 10 mins I found myself with an armful of gorgeous pieces.  

The collection consists of gorgeous accessories, clothes and shoes; it is vibrant and heavily ethnic inspired and very purse friendly

So just to give you a quick update on what this collection is all about. For the fifth year running H&M have launched a Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) collection, to raise funds and create awareness about HIV/AIDS among the young. H&M will be donating 25% of the profits from this collection to AIDs awareness organisations

The collection is available in 300 H&M stores (in the Divided departments) as well as online.

Here are a few images of some of my fave items/purchases.

Buy all these fab items on http://www.h&

This gorge jacket is reversible

I would defo recommend popping in and grabbing a few bits...

Look out for posts on here of me in some of this gear

Happy Shopping!


Check out my post; 'I need a fix'  for

Let me know what you think ;)

Who are Style-card?

A FAB  new company that allows you to purchase a stye card which entitles you to  AT LEAST 10% off lots of lovely brands. They also support emerging designers (which I am a bigger supporter of)

Check it out and look out for more of my blogs :) x


I am EXCITED to announce that I have just joined a cool company called as a  fashion blogger/writer (of course)

My posts will be on there fab website from this week, of course I will also post the link on here. As always I would love to know your thoughts on all posts :) x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Nicola Roberts... please step forward


In every girl group there is always a star, you know the one who seems to stand out the most from all the rest, i.e. scary spice in the Spice girls, Beyonce in Destiny child, Perrie in Little mix. But what is even more interesting is when the group ‘break up’ the other members that you didn’t really notice much seem to find their own style and then ‘bam’ just like that you find your self becoming a little obsessed with them. Well this is how I feel about Nicola Roberts from Girls aloud. Back when girls aloud were together, all eyes seemed to constantly be on Cheryl Cole, with the other 4 members barely getting a look in. In terms of the popularity factor it sort of went like this 90% Cheryl, 5% Sarah, 3% Nadine (mainly because of her love life), 2% Kimberly and 1% Nicola Roberts (this is not a fact just my opinion though lol)
Girls Aloud days

In 2010 when the group decided to take a break, again all eyes were on Cheryl being tipped as the only one to have a successful solo career after girls aloud. Fast forward 2 years later  who would have thought that this would change so drastically! Well it did for one girl in particular-step forward Miss Nicola Roberts..

 Since the girls aloud break Nicola Roberts has gone from 1% to ‘the one to watch' Not only has she released a very successful make up range (Danity Doll: a range for pale skin tones), a funky first solo single ‘Beat of my Drum’ a successful debut solo album ‘Cinderella Eyes’ BUT she is now a style icon for many with her gorgeous big ginger hair, pale skin and quirky, daring, fabulous style, given the singer an overall unique look and making her stand out.

I love this picture

Lets not also forget that she was hand picked by the fab Rih Rih to co-host her new fashion talent show, which is currently being record (excited!)

I remember when I first woke up and took notice of Nicola Roberts style, it was when I saw a photo of her in a fab Fuchsia pink Vanessa Bruno jacket and matching fuchsia pink shorts, gorge!! 

The good thing about Nicola Roberts is that many of the items that she wears are from the high street, which means we too can purchase these items , Yay! I have noticed like me she is a BIG Topshop lover.
See the pic below where she is rocking a jumper from the Topshop Unique SS11 collection and Topshop boots.  I WANT that jumper!! hee hee I love how she is rocking the jumper as a dress.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Solange Knowles doing her thang!! I LOVE this chick.. her style is just fab... my number one style icon!!!!


A quick browse in Topshop, (yes, on my lunch break) I came across these  two BEAUTIES:

  • Hawaiian Blazer by Maarten Van Der Horst- £140

  • Tropical Leopard Bodycon Dress-£48

  • What you think??? xx  


    When the sun comes out to play again.....

     Above is an outfit I will be rocking once the sun comes out to play again. Weather man or woman, please tell me when that will be again... please?????

    Do you like??

    All  items are from Topshop

    Monday, 23 April 2012

    Bargain of the week

    I Shoena Isokariari, solemnly swear to get back into the swing of blogging weekly about my bargain of the week.

    Just to refresh all your memories and to let new readers know what I am rambling on about. A few months ago (on my tumblr blog) I set myself the  weekly challenge of finding a lovely item for under £15. There are 2 main rules:

    1. Items must be from a variety of shops (so not just primani as that is way too easy)
    2. Items can be anything i.e. a ring, a coat... the main thing is that all items must be fabo and of course a bargain!

    I have been naughty (imagine me slapping my hand) and I have not posted my finds for the past 3 weeks BUT this is the start of a new beginning and I am back on it!! So with that said let me introduce you to my AH-MAZING bargain of last week... drum roll please....


    Price... wait for it £1

    From where? Topshop (WAS £35)

    Ahhhhhh do you likey? I LOVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    Ps My bargain for this week will be posted in the next few days (yes, I have already found one).

    Wednesday, 18 April 2012

    The Issue Magazine

    Last month I wrote a blog post on the preview of the Marni for H&M collection for a lovely on line fashion site called  The Issue magazine. They have recently launched their fab on line fashion magazine.

    Visit the website and whilst youre there please have a read of my TWO publications; Show me the Marni Marni! and I heart the 1920s. Both my posts can be searched for by typing the above titles in the search box on the site.

    I would LOVE to know you thoughts, what did you think of the Marni collab, what has been your fave collaboration to date?

    Do you love the 1920s as much as I do?  do you own a flapper dress, did you see the film 'The  Artist'?


    Calling all fab Independent designers and fashion students

    Check out the two EXCITING competitions by Dose of Vitamin F ( the fab New york based fashion company that I have started working for :)

    How cool!

    Holla at me if you have any additional questions... Good Luck! x

    Ooooh did someone say TOPSHOP SALE

     I received an email today entitled 'shhh Topshop sale'. Now Topshop and sale are like Chocolate and ice cream! The point I am making here..... these two words are a good combination, especially when its mid month and my purse is feeling a little light i.e the cash flow isn't great (hmm how long until pay day?)

    Anyway it turns out that the Topshop sale does not officially start until tomorrow but the sale is live on the web today. So on my lunch break, in between munching on my yummy and very healthy lunch ( FYI-mackerel and vegetables) I sat down in front of the computer to 'browse' the sale. I set myself a budget of £50 and 30 min time frame.

    30 minutes later
    My basket was filled with a few nice bits (see below) as you may have noticed  the majority of my basket consists of shoes lol! well that is why my uncle nick named me shoena. :) plus if I'm honest the shoe section is the strongest section in the topshop sale... i have always thought this, and i have a sneaky feeling many regular topshop shoppers will agree with me. 

     NOW £20

    NOW £25


    NOW £50

    NOW £30

    NOW £35

    The result
    After much deliberating.... I went with the below 2 options. Time spent: 45mins (yes I went over the allocated time allowance) amount spent: £40= 1 successful lunch time+happy me