Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How cool are these items? They are all from  Monki.  Hmmmm I  think I feel a new store obsession coming on.

Thank you Monki !


Jubilee Excitement

I am VERY excited that this weekend is Jubilee weekend. I am loving how everyone is getting involved i.e street parties, BBQ's and then there is fashion! Have you seen all the cool window displays?? 

Below are pictures I took on my phone of the Primark window

There are lots of nice window displays around  BUT my favourite window display has to be Harvey Nichols! They really have pulled out all the stops!  Here is a quote from Janet Wardley, Harvey Nichols’ Head of Visual Display.

"We wanted our Jubilee windows have a vintage 1950′s feel about them to reflect on the era of the Queen’s coronation while also referencing this season’s ladylike fashion,” This window scheme been one of the most fun to conceptualize – it’s a striking contrast to the contemporary approach we normally take with our installations, but retains our distinctly tongue-in-cheek sense of humour!”

Here some pics below. I am sure you will agree that there window is truly inspiring, innovative and fab!

All images courtesy of Hrvey Nichols

Also you might have noticed that there are soo many  British inspired products kicking around, ranging from union jack tees to studded union jack tights!

Check out my post 'Best of British'  that I wrote for http://www.tha-one.com/


Have a read and let me know what you think, better still please 'like' the post... if you liked it that is lol!

Whatever you re doing for the jubilee weekend , have fab one!!

Summer time in London

AHH  Summer time in London is just fab!!! I'm loving every min of it!!  I will admit when i first heard that were due to get sun I did have doubts as to how hot it would actually be. But boy has it been SO hot and it still is. As I write this post i am rocking:

 -leather  shorts  WITH OUT tights (this is major for me as I am a tights wearing junkie, I must own about over 20 pairs!!)
-ankle socks ( just for fun plus the air con at work is a JOKE)
 -orange wedges
 - My fave blue hat
-and a  cool pink checked  over sized shirt that I again 'found' in my wardrobe... I must take a pic later...

Anyway so I thought I would post a pic of what I wore on Sunday, let me know what you think! x


- Hat-St Saviours( Constructed in London)
-Studded Leather jacket- Miss Selfridge
-Dress-A stall at a vintage fair
 -Shoes-River  Island
-Bag-Urban Outfitters

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bargain of the week

This weeks Bargain of the week is a necklace from Miss Selfridge. Ive been loving this beautie since i bought it in the sale for...... £1! it was originally £15.

me wearing this necklace

I have been wearing the beautie ALOT! loveeeee it! I think you can see the necklace abit better than  in the 2 pics above.

How cute are these trousers? i 'found' them in my wardrobe.

What do you think, do you like???

Sunday, 27 May 2012

All things festival


Oohhh It's festival time soon! I am hoping to go to Wireless to see the very cute Drake and the amazing Rih Rih!
Check out my blog post on key items to wear to a festival. I wrote this post for a company called Tha-one.com. Check out their website: www.tha-one.com

Here is the link to my post: http://tha-one.com/2012/05/drop-hot/
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bargain of last week

I was meant to post this last week, oppsie!

So here we go.. bargain of last week is this fab ring from Miss Selfridge

WAS £7.50, NOW £1

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Animal print love!!

 Ooh don't you love rediscovering a fab item in your wardrobe? Last week I 'found' this dress in my wardrobe, squashed right at the back! It was just at the right time when I was faffing, trying to decide what to wear for a lunch date with the girls. As you can see I was VERY happy that I 'found'  this Animal print beautie.

I teamed my animal print maxi with my fave studded leather Jacket. (Excuse my rail at the back ground)

I love how glam this dress makes me feel! its light and floaty and really long so I wore my John Rocha  high boots. The picture of  me wearing the boots came out really blurry so I have not included it.
I defo need a new camera!!!!

Skipping out of the house to meet the girls, I must admit I was feeling pleased with my wardrobe find but  then 2  things occurred to me:
1-I think its time I do a spring clear out... infact it's way over due!!!!!!
2-I hope it doesn't rain.

Animal print maxi-H&M
Studded leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge

Friday, 18 May 2012

The search for the perfect Printed blazer continues....

Yesterday I managed to catch the fab Rita Ora on This Morning! She was rocking a gorgeous paisley printed blazer which reminded me of the one that I saw in Zara yesterday and that I tried on and loved it!!!
I have been after a  'wow' printed blazer for a while and I think I have FINALLY  narrowed it down to 2. I just need to decide which one I want and then I am going to buy it next week, right in time for a event. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im excited!! about the blazer and of course the event!

I will post my new pic on on here obvs!

Scarf printed blazer, Zara, £79.99

Rita Ora on this morning today.

This is not the best pic show off Rita Ora's blazer lol! but I think you can see my point!

Oh I should mention I have written a blog post about amazing Rita Ora for http://tha-one.com  check it out and please 'Like' it .... thats if you like what you are reading though lol!

I think she is FAB, LOVEEE her style!!!


Thursday, 17 May 2012


OMG!! I SO LOVE these yellow pair of boots!! The are bright, loud, and fun and I MUST have them!!!!!

How cute are the smily faces?  They have a crystal heel too. It's my birthday next month so Ive defo added these beauties to my wish list!!!

Addict boots, Kandee, £180

Do you like??


Like many women, I have serious addiction to shoes!! high heels, wedges, platforms, boots, flatforms, the occasional flat shoe although I do prefer brogues or a low heeled boot rather than pumps... I love nothing more than buying a fab pair of shoes!

When did I fall in love with shoes?  Ummm I would probably have to say it was at age 16 when I went with my big sis to the Bentall shoppping centre in Kingston, we stumbled across a sale in Faith shoe shop and I remembering coming home with 4 pairs of shoes! Hmmm so maybe my sister is to blame for this addiction lol!  At the time I was at Kingston college so I would often pop into faith on my lunch break, if my memory serves me correctly I remember coming home with 1-2 pairs of shoes everyday until the Faith sale ended and that sale went on for 1 month. Now if you do the maths, you will work out that I ended up with LOTS of shoes!!

I still remember when my brother helped me move (whilst I was at work) I then came home and he shook his head at me and told me how he could not believe how many shoes  I had been 'hiding'. This then led to my uncle giving me the nickname 'shoe-na' which is why my blog is called 'Just call me shoena' .

I always get asked how many shoes I own, truth is I don't really know as I've lost count... But if I am honest its not that important as a girl can never have too many shoes, right?

At the moment I am SOOOO loving Jeffrey Campbell shoes, below are some of my faves!

Jeffrey Campbell  Roque sandal  £105.53

Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, £105.53

Jeffrey Campbell  Rockaway sandal, £140.65

Jeffrey Campbell Virgo wedge platform mule, £93.75

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy fab sandal , £90.40

How gorge are these shoes??? which are your faves??

My name is Sheena Shoe-na and I have CRAZY-STUPID-LOVE for shoes!!!!

Please can you 'Gok Wan' me?

I have been meaning to post this blog for ummm 1 month. Opps! Well as the saying goes... better late than never.

Last month one of my besties asked me to ‘Gok wan’ her aka give her a style makeover/update. Of course I jumped at the chance, those that know me will know how much I LOVE styling and offering my style advice whenever I can!!
We didn’t have much time as I had a meeting at 4pm BUT we did get manage to pick up lots of lovely items. I chose to shop at Topshop (Oxford circus) as not only is it our fave shop BUT it’s easy place to shop as there is soooooo much under one roof. Plus we could also pop into Miss Selfridge next door and try on all the clothes at the same time.
My friend has a fab figure but always tends to just throw on jeans and ugg boots, grrr. Although when she does get dressed up she looks fab!! I am always telling her that she needs to have fun with her day time look more often instead of just opting for jeans and a top AND I am always begging her to get her legs out more. Haaa I am not bossy friend!!
We had such a fun time, spending way too much of her hard earned money on lots of great items and the best part?? She wants to do it all again, yay!! So next week we are going on another ‘gok wan’ shopping trip, or should that be another ‘ Shoe-na style ‘ shopping  trip?!
Look out for the post on here!

Below are some of the items we bought.

My friend work-ing it in two of the items we bought :)
How HOT does she look in the dress?!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Just call me Shoe-na

I stumbled across these bad boy shoes in Urban Outfitters today on my lunch break: Jeffrey Campbell buckle cut out , £95

 I took a pic of these beauties on my phone (above),below is a clearer pic from the website.

                                  WANT-NEED-HAVE TO HAVE!!!

These fab shoes are DEFO on my birthday list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think, do you like???

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Faux fur love

Ok, I'm obsessed with my fab green faux fur  number!!! I just LOVE how I can throw it over everything and it just lifts my outfit and gives me the glam factor  and keeps me warm (obvs) lol!!

1st pic- Cardi-Zara, Hat- St Saviours -constructed in London ( available in Topshop)
2nd Pic- Jacket -Fashion against aids at H&M, Leather shorts-Warehouse,  Gold boots- Vintage

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bargain of the week

This weeks bargain is another exciting one and defo one of my faves. You will see why very soon. Are you ready??? ahhh

Drum roll please.......


Blue velvet boots, from where? Topshop sale, £5 was £62

No doubt I will be wearing these beauties VERY often so look out for pics of me on here :)

What do you think , do you like?

My new girl crush

Ooooh check out my latest girl crush; Elle Varner, a stunning new R&B/jazz singer from the US of A.

Gorgeous big hair, she can singggg and she has STYLE!!!

I have written a blog post on her for http://www.tha-one.com have a read and let me know your thoughts.

LOVE her specs and the shirt

oooo look at that  gorgeous 'fro!!!

Love her eccentric style, I want those boots, jacket... I want it all