Monday, 31 December 2012

Just an old fashion thank you

How is it New Years Eve already?! I'm in the middle of writing a sort of 'looking back at the year' post as lets face it its good to do this... reflect, just for a few minutes as sometimes we can 'forget'  things that have happened, achievements, 'wake up calls' etc. I will publish this post later on today.

For now I just wanted to write a quick 'big up' post to say THANK YOU ( yes I am shouting) to all my ridiculously-amazingsupportive friends and family for supporting my blog, my on-line boutique, all things 'Shoe-na' and of course supporting my career change ( FYI- I moved from Fashion Buying to the world of Fashion and Beauty PR and Marketing).

Thank you also to all those that read my blog! I will continue to update you all on all that is happening in the hectic but always  fabulous world of 'Shoe-na' :)

I'm excited about 2013 and I plan on continuing to work my socks off to make more things happen!  so keep your eyes firmly peeled as I plan to take over the fashion world (lol, well not take over but add to the fashion world), one stiletto at a time.

Happy New Year! xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

My bargain from my week at the clothes show

Finding a bargain is a great feeling, especially when it's something you actually need.

Those that follow me on twitter and facebook will know that 2 weeks ago I went to The Clothes show live for 5 fun filled days with Sleek Makeup (who I now work for as PR Assistant). I had the BEST time working with the rest of the Sleek MakeUp marketing team, met loads of cool people such as VV Brown and Zainab (winner of styled to rock),  discovered GREAT vintage brands such as Wanderland boutique and Everours. I got to to meet so many lovely bloggers," sleekers" ( sleek makeup fans) and of course I got to do a little.... just a little bit of shopping.
Me with the fab Zainab, winner of Styled to Rock

Me and  the super cool; Annaliese Dayes

Me and the lovely VV Brown

On I think it was day 2, It occurred to me that I was desperately in need of a hand bag that I could carry around with me to PR appointments whilst at the show. I already had a massive bag with me that contained all sorts of stuff inside (change of shoes, press releases, magazines, make up, water, the list goes on) but it was becoming a bit of a hassle to drag around with me.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across a cute bag at the Oxfam stand, and now imagine me clapping my hands and screeching when I saw the very purse friendly tag of £5.

So without further delay please meet (one) of my bargains from my week at the clothes show.

What do you think of my latest bargain baby, cute don't you think?

Merry Christmas!x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

House of Shoena is up and running

I am pleased to announce that my on-line boutique ‘House of Shoena’ is now live.

It has been live for 2 weeks and is doing well which is great. I have lots of new items that will be added soon… probably after xmas as this week is looking manic with it being the last full working week in the office before Xmas. Can you believeeeeeeeee it… this day next week it will be Xmas 2012 YAY!! I love Xmas!!!!

New York fashion on-line site; Dose of Vitamin F wrote a little blog post about HOS  here which is great. Look out for an interview with me on there site in few weeks.

Fashion blogger Mariam also wrote a great post about HOS for Swallow our words. Check it out here

As I need some help with HOS, I am currently interviewing for 2 interns haaa I know, who do I think I am lol!

Big thank to both Dose of Vitamin F, Mariam and everyone else for all the HOS love! xxxx
Check out HOS here

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Queen of fabulouness!!!

Those that know me will know that I have MAD, CRAZY love for  Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!

She is just is so damn fabulous!!!

Look at these pics of her below.......

Loving the jumper, infact the whole look!!

What do you think??