Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My bargain of the week: shine bright like a ....

I think every gal should own a metallic item, whether  it is a fab metallic skirt or a fierce pair of metallic shoes. Why? well in my opinion working a metallic item into your outfit instantly takes an outfit from drag to glam without too much effort or time, and lets face it who has any time; especially in the mornings (or is that just me?). This is is why I was beyond excited to stumble across these metallic beauties, so much so I ended up wearing them that same day, well night as I was invited to a last minute thing.

Metallic fabrics/accessories are not only for after dark! they can easily been worn in the day time. Case in point, I wore these shiny delights to lunch yesterday, teamed with a cute pink dress. That's the other great thing about metallic, they can complement a bold colour block dress nicely.

With all that said let me present  you with my newest shoe addition which is also this week's bargain of the week.

WAS: £29.99

NOW: £7

Friday, 24 May 2013

Eat me!

Can you believe it is raining cats and dogs today? I can't, so much so I had to look at my calendar to make sure that today was actually May and not January. Grr! I then grabbed one of my  faux fur jackets and checked the weather forecast for the next few days in the hope that  the sun was planing to make an appearance some time soon. Lets just say I didn't like what I saw! But look at least it's bank holiday weekend and that is something to smile about, and so is this picture of a  super yummy shoe, sooo yummy you could eat it, literally!!

Happy Friday  Y'all!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Bargain of the Week

This was actually last week's bargain of the week but I didn't get round to posting it (tut tut), but hey, better later than never, right? I picked up this cool-ass chunky gold chain from Topshop. I love how this chain gives a nod to the 90's trend (a key trend this season, don't you know!).

I spotted this cutie on a lunch time shopping browse. As a big lover of statement jewellery this necklace caught my eye pretty much right away. It was also the last one left (Whoop Whoop!) and when I saw the price tag I was beyond excited!!

I will be wearing this hot piece of neck candy with a logo/ graphic tee or a  midi dress. Keep your eyes peeled for posts on here to see how I style this up.

WAS :12.50

Now: £5

Friday, 3 May 2013

Let the clothes do the talking.

I have just come across this quote by the fab Rachel Zoe (FYI: my fave stylist!). Now If you don't know by now I do love a good quote! This one sums up my thoughts on my style. I definitely express how I am feeling on a particular day through my outfit choices but I also feel my personality is reflected by the way I dress, including my choice of lipstick colour and footwear.

On that note I am mega excited that the sun is out and that its bank holiday weekend, so much so today I am rocking a bit of sequins and the brightest lip! I know it would help if I had a pic to show you.... Hmmm I'm working on it, I don't know who to ask at work with out sounding odd to my new team. *scratches head*

What are your thoughts on this? Do you express your self through your clothes?