Monday, 30 September 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

Like all of the girls at work, I FIRMLY have November 14th marked in my diaries... (i phone, work and my Monet hardback diary) Why? the Isabel Marant for H&M collection finally lands in stores.... *scream*.

Like many I have lusted over Isabel Marant from afar (Hello, SS14 collection, shown at Paris fashion week), but my credit cards won't stretch that far.This is why this collab is so exciting as the prices are defo credit card debit card friendly!

Isabel Marant, SS14, ready to wear 

My Isabel Marant for H&M wish list (consists of a gorgeous embellished trophy jacket, leather ' I MUST have' cropped trousers and a sexy pair of sequined (?) shoes. If previous collabs are anything to go by-I predict a major fashion riot!!!!

Will you be queueing up for this collab?

Which items are on your list?

Let the shoes do the talking

Clicking my way through the Topshop website on my lunch break, I came across these BEAUTIES!!! Topshop are killing it at the moment.... well as always, right?

I am having serious new shoes cravings.....

Thoughts on  my selection is my much appreciated :) xx

Oh, keep yours eyes on the blog this week, I have lots of stuff to write about and this week I can FINALLY actually write/post the posts as I have a 'quiet' week. The last few weeks have been cray, cray!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello New Season

Even though I do not want to admit it, Autumn will soon be with us; I can actually smell it. I already have my
eye on a few A/W delights! Topshop have LOTS of  new season fabbo- ness that I am seriously crushing on. Unlike previous years, A/W13 is  a colouful one (Yellows and Pinks), I will be posting a sort of A/W13 guide on here next week, but for now below are a few of  my fave new season items from Toppers.