Sunday, 7 December 2014

Hello #NextmasWishlist

I am the queen of writing lists the best part of the year, but 'Tis the season for LISTS, right? I have all kinds of lists coming out of my ears! To-do lists (work and social), and of course wish lists. So when an email with the subject header '#NextmasWishlist' landed in my inbox, I was keen to find out what it was all about.

So here's the deal, Next are currently running a blogger competition where you can win one random item from your #NextmasWishlist.

Now as I like to keep it real, Next isn't some where I shop often, and that's simply because my 'dress code' for my work and play is more glam-casual, rather than formal. But I will say this, in recent weeks I have spotted lots of  'wow that is from Next pieces', (hello, yummy, faux fur cape), in mags, blogs, social media etc, so compiling my #NextmasWishlist was a pretty, darn easy! My top picks are all fab pieces for the party season and beyond.

Check out my list below.