Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Grab your hat...

Show me a wool fedora any day – especially one in a bright red hue and I'll snap it up. (Not before trying it on first though). This is exactly what happened when I came across this one in H&M, whilst browsing
(always the way) Ha!

Perfect for those flat hair/bad hair days, and for the drama that comes with this very unpredictable weather that we are currently experiencing. Grr! Seriously, Autumn aka Swinter is just, well a pain! Weather rant over.

So, back to this delightful, and somewhat loud hat...I love it! Here I've styled it with my favourite red suede heels (courtesy of a  very special someone. *Wink*), my beloved ripped knee skinnies (an old pair from Warehouse, I ripped the holes), and an old fave from my kimono collection. Here are the results....

Shout out to my bro Bird_boy for taking these snaps!

How are you dressing for Swinter?