Monday, 21 April 2014

An Intimate Evening With Jean Paul Gaultier

Last week Tuesday, I went along with one of my good friends to spend the evening with the amazing, Jean Paul Gaultier. To celebrate the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition currently being shown at the barbican, they were holding an intimate on-stage discussion with king of the catwalk and vogue editor Suzy Menkes, and my friend had managed to score us a pair of tickets. (Yay!)

As the sun was shining and I had a delightful spring in my step, I decided to wear my pink jumpsuit. I did not get to take any pictures on the night, but I remembered I had these pictures taken a few weeks ago so figured I would include them in this blog post. 

Jumpsuit: Topshop, Shoes: Aldo (old), Sunglasses: Ebay, Necklace: H&M
                                                    Photos taken by Burd_boy

So, back to the evening, right.  Ok, so Jean Paul Gaultier was welcomed to the stage with a huge applause from the diverse audience. We spent the next 45 minutes listening in awe, as Gaultier  spoke about coming out to his parents, Madonna, John Galliano and tales of his career to date. He remained incredibly enthusiastic as he told each story, and it was like you could feel the room had been infected by his passion. When asked how he managed to remain motivated in an industry that is as tough as fashion, he replied saying that it is his passion that has helped him remain enthusiastic and driven for all these years. He then went on to say something that seriously made me stomach go all funny: 

 "....I know that with nothing I can do something … If you have passion, nothing is impossible. If you are obsessed by something and you want to do it, you will find a solution to do it … "

 This was met by approval by many members of the audience (including myself), who 'mmmmm' in agreement.

All in all the evening was fantastically inspiring and left you wanting to immediately book your ticket to see the exhibition.

In a few weeks time, my friend and I are going to see the Exhibition: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From The sidewalk to the Catwalk. I will of course write a review on here.

Has anyone already been to see the exhibition? Are you planning on going to see it? I would  love to know!