Thursday, 30 August 2012

I smell a motel bargain

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week.  Yesterday evening I got back from a lovely short break in Prague.  I had such a nice time with my girls sight seeing, drink wine, eating, chilling and partying etc (post to follow shortly). I came back to many, many emails  (grr), although one that stood out was from Motel informing me that they are having a 2 day sample sale, yay!! I LOVE a  good sample sale so I was jumping up and down especially as prices are due to start at £5, I smell lots and lots of  BAR-GAINS!! As I am trying to watch the pennies for the next few weeks  this sample sale will be a GREAT way to shop my Autumn wardrobe with out causing too much damage to my already dented card.

So the dates: Thursday 6th September and Friday 7th September

Let me know if you are planning on going down.

I will post my motel bargain goodies on here.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Bargain of the week

So this weeks bargain of the week is a pair of capped toe, lace up boots, which are not only gorge but so damn comfy!!!

I ran into Zara to buy a new scarf and came across these boots that had just been flung on the table. They caught my eye straight a way as I love capped toe footwear but also due to the fact that I was after a new pair of black boots that I could wear from day to night. I tried them on and liked the way they looked  and felt on my feet. I couldn't see a price tag so I took these boots over to the cash point  (along with my  printed scarf) as I was curious to see how much these boots were. When the guy behind the till revealed the price to me I said  ' right, I will take the boots too'  so quickly that I didn't even give the poor guy the chance to even ask me if I wanted them. lol!

Oh well,  'Just call me shoena'

Capped toe boots: WAS £59.99, NOW £12.99

What you think?

My new beaut

 So you may remember that I wrote about the brand ETUI a few posts ago (have a read here) ( and here)

Well here is my latest purchase from Etui and isn't she a beauty!!

I have only had this bag for a week and already it has been on many, many outings!!!!! I just LOVEEEE the size, print and the style. It just screams 'gorgeous' and has that vintage-esque feel, don't you think??

Etui is stocked in Topshop Oxford circus and consists of lots and lots of  beautiful bags!!!! I know i've said this before but seriously TRUST me when I say this, once you visit this concession there is no way that you will leave with out wanting to buy at least one bag!!!! There is SO much choice on offer and all bags are real leather and are made in London

If you don't believe me then take a trip down to Topshop, head straight over to ETUI and you will what all the hype is about. Then if you can  please let me know what you think of the brand.

Have a fab bank holiday weekend!! xx


Let's welcome back the 90s

Remember Beverly Hills 90210?  I'm talking Brandon (Jason Priestley) or Dylan (Luke Perry) who did you have a crush on?  Or ‘Saved by the bell’? Whose style did you most admire? Kelly’s girly style, Lisa aka the fashionista or Jessie’s ‘understated’ look?

Remember when the movie 'Clueless' was released? How cute were the outfits and how long did it take you to start saying ‘sporadically’? Oh and do you remember the song 'Rollin' with the homies' ?

Remember when R&B was at its best? Think Mary J Blige, Aaliyah, R.Kelly and Jodeci. If you haven't already guessed which era I am referring to; it is the 90s. When Supermodels Naomi Campball,  Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista were running the show.

When fashion consisted of coloured jeans, dip dye, crop tops, high waisted stonewashed jeans worn with matching stonewashed jackets, tartan blazers, tartan skirts and knee high socks. There was also the grunge look, cue lots and lots of black eye make-up, un -kept hair, over sized men’s shirts, lots of black, doc martens, leather and when Kate Moss and Johnny Depp were dating, making them the most famous ‘grunge’ couple.

Well if like me you love the 90’s well then you will be pleased to know that the 90s are back, YAY! Motel have the just launched their 90s inspired collection and I have to warn you this collection has the ability to make you want to do some RIDICULOUS spending!!!  I absolutely love the collection especially the dip dye products, so much scrumptious-ness. 

See my top picks below

Head over to Motel and check out their fabo 90s collection. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My Bargain of the week

This week's bargain of the week is a pair of lovely embellished shorts from Topshop. I love shorts and I love, love embellishment so you can imagine my joy when I saw these shorts.

WAS £50 NOW £15

What do you think?

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Today was the first day of Pure London in Olympia. I attend Pure every season and  I always enjoy  going!!  I love the variety of brands exhibiting, the seminars and workshops , Q&A's and of course watching the catwalk shows.

 I am always keen to attend the WGSN forecast presentations and  the WGSN  catwalk shows. Today due to a slight alarm  hick up,  I woke up way later than I planned too BUT  I managed to get to Pure just in time for the  WGSN  Trend Forecast for 2013 , Yay!  Thank goodness I planned my outfit the night before.

As I knew it was going to be another HOT day I wanted to wear one of my many summer items that I still have not had  the chance to wear due to our crazyyyyy summer this year. In the end I opted for my white ruffle BCBG  dress, simply because I have never worn it before  (don't ask me why). I teamed my little white dress (LWD) with one of my favourite pairs of shoes: tribal-esque wedges, my new bag and of course a bright red lip.

Outfit: Dress: BCBG, Bag: ETUI, Wedges: Aldo, Sunglasses: my sister's

Highlight of  Pure?

- The WGSN catwalk show that consisted of lots of  gorgeous prints, ahh Roll on SS13!!

I also LOVED the  Q&A session with the incredibly Fabulous  Brix Smith- Smart, which I found SO inspirational!! I just love how passionate she is about  fashion. One of the many things she said that stick to my mind is 'follow your passion' as I  really believe that when you do follow your passion then you will shine and are unlikely to fail.

Did you go to Pure?  What did you think?

Thanks to my sister for taking my outfit snaps x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


These  A-MAZING cowboy boots by vintage on line  boutique; The Pretty Junk, scream bootylicious! I am seriously lusting over them!!!!

They would look great with shorts or a dress with bare legs now and then with tights come next season.

The pretty junk is one of those vintage on line sites that you are pretty much guaranteed  to find at least 5  things that you need to have your life right away. Once you visit the site you will see what all the hype is about. So I say this; for the love of  fashion fabulousness visit the site  and get your shop on, oh and thank me later for giving you the heads up.

Night of Hunters Studded Boots


Sunday, 12 August 2012

The coolest Vintage brand on the block

A few months ago I discovered a cool brand; The Pretty Junk, and as I was so happy  with this discovery I  had to spread the love  as it would be so wrong to keep  this  awesome discovery to myself. So I wrote a blog post about The Pretty Junk for ; one of the weekly sites that I write for. Check out my post  here

The Pretty Junk have recently released their late summer Look book collection – Let’s Just Run Away which of course consists of lots of scrumptious items.  I just love the way this look book has been shoot, it’s fun, eye catching and cheeky. The models are cute, the location is great,  I LOVE that the models are on skate boards. So much so I found myself  reminiscing  to when I used to skate around on one back in the day (when I was a kid) but my mum wouldn’t let me get one. Hmm I wonder if I can get one on eBay.  Anyway see for yourself what I mean below.

All items from the collection are available to buy now. Visit

PJ Denim: DUSK Shorts


Grunge Dungaree Dress


All Images are courtesy of The pretty Junk

Head turning heels

 Nicholas Kirkwood is one of my all time favourite footwear designers!!!   I have just had a look at his collaboration with Erdem and I am seriously drooling over these printed silk leather boots. Come on, you must admit that these boots are fan-ta-bulous! ( yes, this is a made up word: a combination of  fabulous and fantastic as one of these words simply was not enough to describe my  LOVE for these beauties).

JUST look at the heel, the beautiful print, the avant-garde silhouette; WOW!!!!! Once again Mr Nicholas Kirkwood I tip my hat to you!!!

Hmm now I just need to get a pay rise or maybe sell some stuff or save some pennies on travel and walk to work, eat beans on toast for a month to afford these boots. lol! *sigh*

             Geometric-heel printed silk-covered leather ankle boots


What you think?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Shoe of the day

Oh my, oh my!!! I have just come across these  BADASS shoes from Zara.

Tiger Wedges, £79.99

I NEED these in my life ASAP!!!!!!!!

My name is Shoe-na and I am seriously addicted to shoes, shoes, shoes!!