Thursday, 3 January 2013

The night House of Shoena went to Pacha

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great festive break and ate as much as I did. *detox starts tomorrow*.So I have meaning to put this blog post up since last week but I guess the festive fun and games took over.
Cast your mind back to 21st December, can you remember what you were doing? I sure can as this night was definitely one of the most exciting nights of my fashion life, hands down! why? well at approximately 23.45 that night, along with 2 other designers I took part in a fashion show in Pacha(night club)
As I blogged about Here I was amazingly asked to take part in a fashion show entitled:"From Russia with Love" to showcase products from my newly launched on-line boutique:House of Shoena.  As I am also a budding stylist of course I jumped at the chance.
I would be lying big time if I said I wasn't a little overwhelmed when we arrived at the venue, but luckily I had one of my best friends on hand to help me. 
My 'Collection'

I was given a brief to put together 12 fabulous party outfits that would provide some style-spiration for the party season. I chose to base my collection around a 'Tough Love' sort of trend(think spikes, studs, leather and lots of black) but then this sort of expanded into a more of a 'Tough love trend with a Shoena twist', as I always love to put my own my spin on trends.

I incorporated lots of fierce faux fur stunners, threw in a bit of sequins and metallic gems (as it was Christmas), statement necklace and lust-worthy cocktail rings and ta-dah;the'House of Shoena' fash pach collection was born. 
The Hair and Make up

The models had various hair styles to suit the look of each outfit and to represent the different personalities
All models had gold top eye lids, emerald green bottom eye lids and a black and red lip.
The night was absolutely fash-tastic (this is my new word). It was worth all the stress and skinny mocha's and I would do it all over again and again and again! 

What was lovely was that I had lots of my friends and family in the crowd cheering me on *best feeling*.
Big THANK YOU to all my supportive friends who also texted,rang and emailed me through out the day as they sadly could not make the show. I also want to say a Big THANK YOU to Vanessa Horca (from Club Exclu)who organised the show and for supporting HOS.

Here is to many more fantabulous HOS fashion shows in 2013!!

Model:Keeana Kee

Model: Ancuta Breaban

Model:Nuran Kurklu

Model:Sorrel so fly

Model: Gabriella Gatehouse

The finale 

Another BIG THANK YOU to the awesome photographer- Pete Fallan for taking lots of amazing pictures and to my friend's boyfriend Will.

*last photo courtesy of PROJOE photography

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