Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Love at first sight

A few weeks ago I purchased this gorgeous yellow blazer from H&M  (below) and I will admit it was definitely a case of love at first sight. 

Yellow is one of my top 3 fave colours to wear, with the other colours being pink and purple.  I have worn my new yellow beauty a few times and I love how it just adds that bright factor to any outfit. 

These pics below were taken last week Thursday when the sun was shining  and it was  ummm summer unlike today, grr did you see all that rain earlier and why is it so humid? I am hoping the sun reappears pronto!!!!!! Anyway weather rant over and now back to more important matters- my yellow blazer. So in the pictures below I teamed my blazer with a strapless leopard print body, leather with suede panel shorts, my necklace (which was last week's bargain of the week), pink suede heels and a lovely garnet, croc skin clutch. 

Those that know me and I guess regular readers of my blog will know I am a person that loves to clash colours, prints textures etc   I wore this outfit to a late lunch with my business partner (yes, I have a business partner, ahhhhh! she is a fab friend that is helping me with a new project that I will be revealing on here in a few weeks).

I am in crazy love with my blazer, what do you think?

Blazer- H&M
Leopard print body- Primark (old)
Shorts-Topshop- (old)
Ring-Miss Selfridge
Necklace-Miss Selfridge
Sunglasses- H&M

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Feeling hot hot hot

I am REALLY, REALLY enjoying the sunshine!!!!!!!!! I am trying not to listen to all the talk about the sun disappearing on Friday.

At the moment I am a little obsessed  with my Celliana hair chain that I blogged about here.  I think its deffo great to wear when the sun is shinning. In the photo below I am wearing it with  a playsuit that I bought from the concession ZACK when they were in Topshop ummm yearssssssssssssss ago!!! I think it was back in 2008??  I remember paying about £20 for two as I also have the multi coloured version.

I teamed this playsuit with tan studded flat sandals( but you can not see them in this picture) and then swapped my sandals later for my yellow Zara  heeled sandals  that I blogged about  Here for after work drinkies

I am a big fan of clashing so although my sandals were yellow I opted for a purple/pink croc clutch bag that matched my lippy. The fab clutch is by a lovely accessory brand called Etui. They are a concession based in Topshop Oxford Circus and also in Topshop White city. They sell the most stunning bags. I will do a blog  post about their products later as they have kindly sent me some products .

Let me know  What do you think of my outfit?

Enjoy the sun!!!! xxx


                                                       Playsuit- Zack
                                                      Hair Chair -Celliana
                                                      Rings-Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Bargain of the week

Soooo let me start by slapping my wrist,as I have been naughty and not posted one of my bargain's for 2 weeks BUT fear not I am back on this. So here goes, my bargain for the week is a gorge multi coloured, multi beaded necklace from Miss Selfridge:

Where from: Miss Selfridge
Price: WAS £20 now 50p

I wore this today teamed with a black playsuit and denim waist coat, I love how this necklace lifted my outfit today.

What do you think of the necklace? how fab is the price!

Zara Beauties

'Your room is like a mini Topshop’ are the words echoed by my sister to describe the state of my room, which is a slight exaggeration, actually a huge exaggeration!! What I will say though is that I am so loving sorting it out, well I am attempting too which is proving to be stressful and exciting at the same time.  Stressful as I will admit I do have lots of bits that I no longer need and exciting as I am 'finding' lots of nice items that I  had forgotten about or purchased. Take these yellow beauties from Zara that I 'found' the other day, in a box in my dvd cupboard ( who knows that they were doing there) But look without even trying to work that out, I am rejoicing in this  great ‘find ‘and  I am itching to wear them before the sun disappears. As they are suede and we all know how suede and rain are a bad combination.

Look out for my post on here of me rocking these yellow beauties

Monday, 23 July 2012

Pleather Love

I am SO loving coloured leather at the mo!!! I really want to get my hands on a Red leather jacket or a blue one but as I am on a budget this month I am not sure this will happen for now, grrr!!

Own the run way have some gorge pleather   jackets at the mo and they are at great prices, a girl at work has one and I can reveal the  quality of jacket looks great for a pleather purch as we all know how when pleather looks bad it looks BAD and  very Cheap.

 Hmmm I feel a pleather purchase coming on....


  Check out the site for some yummy pieces: http://www.owntherunway.com/

The wait is over!!

So last week Thursday one of the days I have been waiting for finally arrived- The fab Topshop unique collection landed in to stores and on line, hooray!!! I fell in love with this collection back in February and blogged about it on my tumblr blog here  This time round I just felt that the collection felt so slick and grown up.  Don't get me wrong as a big toppers fan I have liked previous unique collections but the AW12 one definitely kick previous seasons to the curb.

This was probably due to the fact this was the first collection from former Vogue Editor Kate Phelan and sometimes that all it takes just a bit of new blood.

To sum up the collection, it is sort of chic- feminine meets utilitarian and most importantly all very wearable!!

My Faves are defo the  Quilted boyfriend coat, the ripple shorts  and the black petal dress and I also love the over sized knit wear!!

I was in topshop on lunch (as usual) on Friday and boy was  the collection being SHOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all I need is for pay day to hurry up so I can purchases a few pieces, grrr!

The Topshop Unique AW12 collection is truly scrumptious!!!! xx

Have you purchased any bits from the  collection? will you be? either way what are you faves? As usual I would love to hear you thoughts!! xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spreading the Celliana love

Last week Thursday the post man handed me my post that contained many boring bills (yawn) and one package that I had to sign for. As soon as I saw who the package was from, I found my self full of crazy excitement as I had been waiting for this to arrive. I opened the package faster than you could say "excited". Inside the package was a pretty gold head  chain from Celliana- a awesome costume  jewellery brand  that had recently been brought to my attention by my sister.

The lovely team at Celliana kindly sent me this fabulous beautie to review so here goes.

I absolutely LOVE the head chain, its light, pretty, especially the jewelled stone at the centre front and definitely adds the 'wow' factor to any outfit. As someone who likes to have  fun with fashion,  I would wear it during the day as well as on a night out to a bar or dinner or even to a festival.  Now I will confess,  I have had my eye on a head chain for a while as I quite wanted to rock the  Nicole Ritche,  boho -esque look, so when I received this one from celliana I was more than ready to wear it.  Infact I wore it  the next day to a event and then yesterday  to work.

I do not have a pic of me at the event but will tell you that I wore the gorgeous head chain with a black jersey jumpsuit and a yellow blazer.  I do have a pic of my outfit yesterday below. As you can see I have teamed it with a mustard vest top and denim, sequined shorts and grey chelsea boots. You can see how it just adds a bit of 'pow' to quite a casual day time outfit. I must  also add that on both occasions,  I received  many positive compliments  about my head chain :)  and of course I pointed all into the direction of the  celliana website as it would be wrong not to spread the celliana love.

So would I recommend it? Most definitely!!!! And I am not  just saying that to be polite, as always I am keeping it real! So if you are after a lovely head piece that's pretty,  funky and just  fab, fab, fab then get yourself over to Celliana   immediately.
No doubt I will be rocking this head chain on many occasions so look out for my posts on here to see all the different ways that I have styled it up!
Oh I should add that this head chain  is  part of a new head chain collection that will launch tomorrow on the celliana website.
Let me know your thoughts xx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

All things Shoe-na 2

All things Shoe-na 2

Thakoon mini dress
$1,100 - net-a-porter.com

Thakoon longsleeve dress
$1,310 - montaignemarket.com

Thakoon Addition ikat dress
$305 - farfetch.com

Lace up booties

Lipsy stiletto heels
$125 - lipsy.co.uk

Lip makeup

Topshop LOVE

Ok so the below items are currently in Topshop and on my wish list,  I LOVEEEEE them all!!! I really  need to have the boots immediately!!!