Friday, 9 November 2012

House of Shoena Photo shoot

So last Friday was the photo shoot from my shop 'House of Shoena' (H.O.S) and .... it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!! now I will admit that I was shaking in my stilettos, as I boarded the hot tube to head to the shoot in North London. Ha, you should a have seen me I had a ram jam suitcase, a rucksack and  my day bag. I was shaking not because of all the luggage I had to carry that probably weighed the same as me but because I was nervous abut the shoot, excited too.
Anyway I am pleased to say that shoot went really well and was one of the best days ever, hands down again and again!

The two models that I selected were UH-MAZING!! fun, fearless, quirky with that edge that I love and of course gorgeous. It was important that the models embodied all of the above as these words describe my style and my style main icons (FYI- Solange, Rita Ora, Ri Ri,Julia Sarr-Jamois, Fearne Cotton, Elle Varner and Gwen Stefani). As HOS symbolises a house of all things that represent my style, then it makes sense that the models that I use also do.

So enough of the talking, here are some photos from the shoot.

Oh, one more thing... the Warehouse/ studio was SCH-MAZING (yes, this is my new word courtesy of the stunning Nicole Scherzinger). It was filled with lots of Vintage products which is right up my street.

Last but not least I want to say a massive thank you to the following people:
Fab, fashion blogger Marsha of style of a london tall girl for popping by
Super duper cool and  incredibly talented Photographer Pete Fallan for taking the snaps
The 2 Hot  models Ancuta and Siha for agreeing to model and making the shoot fun and fabulous
AND to my lovely buddy Jake Bullough (who is also a great designer) for kindly letting me use his warehouse/studio. Check out his beautiful bags here and have a read of my interview with Jake here.

House of Shoena will be launching in less than 3 weeks. :)

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