Monday, 25 June 2012

My Bargain of the week

So I was meant to post this last week , opps (slapping  hands). Here is my bargain of last week; a  pink pretty Trilby hat.

WAS £5, NOW £2

As a big hat lover, I was happy to find this cutie AND even happier that it was £2!!!  I popped into Primarni to pick up pair of tights as I some how managed to ladder the pair that I had on that day, grrrr! So there I was in the queue waiting to pay for my tights and them BAM, in the corner of my eye I spotted this hat.Of course I left the queue and made a quick dash to the fixture that this hat had been dumped on.

I have been wearing this umm quite a  abit. Ohhhh I love me a bargain!!

What do you think? xx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Did someone say Motel sale??

So I have just logged on to my facebook account and saw this:

Yes, you did read that RIGHT!! Motel are offering a CRAZY up to 70% off  and the fab thing is facebook fans of motel get to shop the preview today before the official sale launches tomorrow for all. ahhhhh!!

I have loved motel for a while now, they always seem to have lots of lovely jubbly pieces, my last purch were these red bad boy rose print shorts, love!!!

I have had a look at the sale and let me tell you , there are some real treats there all at OMG prices, some of my faves are below:

Aqua leopard print body con dress, WAS £18 NOW £10 

Speed galaxy print trousers, WAS £33 NOW £15

Daisy print playsuit, WAS £20, £18

Strapless  baroque print bodysuit, WAS £15, NOW £10

So what are you waiting for, 'Like' the motel face book page NOW and  then  click on this link and get your shop on.

Oh Motel you are too kind to us, lol!

Oh and spread the motel love as sharing is caring, right!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Birthday Cake

So tomorrow is my birthday and those that know me will confirm that I am a BIG BIRTHDAY person!!!

I have celebrated my birthday each and every year from the age of ummm 15...

To date my all time fave birthday cake was my one from last year, baked by one of my gorgeous besties and her mum. It not only looked FAB but  it also tasted YUM-MY!!!!!

It went down a storm  with all guests at my Hollywood themed birthday, yes it was Hollywood themed, cue red carpet, men  look dapper in suits and bow ties and girls looking glam in red carpet-esque dress.

What did I wear? a gold, one shoulder studded leotard  that My very cool bestie designed and made for me.

 Now you see what I mean when I say I love my birthday.

What do you think??

Hidden Treasure

So  a few weeks ago whilst searching for a bag in my wardrobe  I  found a pair of shoes that I bought from Zara, way back in January and  I had some how forgotten about them! There they were in a small box  (in a  zara bag) starring at me, I will admit for a minute I paused to think what could be in the box as I couldn't remember, but let me tell you once I opened the box I screamed like a kid in a candy store!! I  then found myself jumping for joy as I SO love these shoes and can not believveeeee that I had just dumped them in  bag and left them in the hand bag section in my wardrobe. (Yes I have a hand bag section)

So with that said.. here are the beauties.... colour block platform sandals from Zara, 

Oh and another thing, the receipt was also in the bag and it seems I only paid £12.99 for these shoes... the best thing?? they were originally £79.99, ohh I love me a BARGAIN!!!!!!!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

It's my birthday and I will buy if i want to

I have JUST tried on these beauties inTopshop: LOVEEEEEEEE them!!!!!!!!!!!

They have been added to my birthday wish list... fyi my birthday is THIS Saturday, aaaaah!!!!!!!


Oohh Own the runway have some lots of yummy bits on line at the mo.  The cool thing is?? the prices are all SO 'my bank manager wont hate me ' prices.

Below are my fave picks, hmm someone hand me my credit card :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shout out to my girl: JASMINE KACHARINA MAY.

So Graduate fashion week began on Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited by one of my old assistants, Jasmine as she was showing her collection at GFW. Sadly I could not make it due to work commitments= seriously GUTTED!!!

I always look forward to GFW as I love discovering new talent and as always this year did NOT disappoint. I've had a look on line at of some the new emerging designers from all Uni's that have showcased their collections..... lots of fab stuff BUT I want to send a BIG shout out to ,JASMINE KACHARINA MAY.  

Jasmine is not only the sweetest girl but she is SOOOOOOOO talented!!!  Her work is just fab, fab , fab!!

Take a look at some pics of  her 'Hallucinate' collection below from GFW

I love the vibrant prints (I need those leggings and the maxi in my life) and I also love all the layered laser cut outwork.

Not to sound biased by I defo think Jasmine is one to watch and I for one am looking forward to what the future will bring for her.


Check out my post on GFW that I wrote for

Friday, 8 June 2012

A Fashion night out in Brick Lane

I absolutely LOVE discovering a fabulous new brand or designer so you can imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending The May Daze Clothing Curiosity Fashion show in Brick lane.  The fashion show was a collaborative evening of fashion, music and art, celebrating the collections of several East London independent brands/designers.

Some of the brands/designers that featured in the show were:

• Aimee Du
• Artisan. S
• Des Moines
• Dolly Dare
• Harnett & Pope
• London Loves L.A.
• Raphael Roggendorf
• Tarang Bharti
• Twinne

I did have a cheeky look at all the designers beforehand which I must say increased my excitement for the show even more!!  I was particularly looking forward to seeing Dolly Dare; London loves LA and Aimee Du as these 3 designers are a mixture of my personal style and represent my favourite eras.

London Loves LA (picture courtesy of London Loves LA)

Dolly Dare (picture courtesy of Dolly Dare)

Aimee Du  (picture courtesy of Aimee Du)

The fashion show took place in the uber cool (and dark) cafe 1001, on brick lane.  I arrived just in time to hear the live band; Freddy and the Hoares , (a sort of rock/folk band) who were great!

Cafe 1001, Brick Lane- where the show took place

It was a hot evening outside and even hotter insider so on arrival I headed straight to the bar to order a glass of Gin and tonic and then I attempted to locate my seat which I could not find (grr). I was then kindly invited to join a group of 3 lovely girls from Swallow our words on the front row.

The lovely girls from Swallow our words

So the show:
Well the show was just fashion fabulous! As each model strutted their stuff down the catwalk looking fantastic I frantically attempted to take pictures, annoyingly my camera decided to stop working so I sadly did not get any great pictures. All  the collections were fab, fab, fab but I must say I was left dribbling over the gorgeous prints from Amiee, the fun and 90-esque products from London Loves La and the fantabulose  I-must-have –now  tutu frocks from Dolly Dare .

Overall  the night was just great! What I loved about this show was the variety on offer,  even though each designer/brand had their own hand writing all pieces screamed London fashion.  In a interview before the show many of the designers/buyers were asked to define London fashion, words such as ‘electric, experimental , inspiring and anything goes’ were used.  This fashion show not only  represented  all these words but it also reminded me why I love, love, love London fashion.

Picture courtesy of Cafe 1001

Picture courtesy of Cafe 1001

I left the show feeling very inspired, a tad tipsy and a proud Londoner!!

All that is left to say is a BIG thanks to Tattylittlebooty and Sophie for the invite to the show!!  Roll on the next one!!!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My number 1

As regular 'Just call me shoena' readers will know,  I LOVEEEEEEE Solange Knowles!!!  she is my  ultimate style-spiration and can do no wrong as the pics below will re confirm, this chick has style!!  Defo major girl crush!!! xx

Shoes are fab!!!!!!!!! bag is nice too and I love the colour and style of the dress

LOVE the pattern

I WANT these shoes!

I love yellow, this blazer looks sooo gorge!!!!!

Meadham Kirchhoff

Boo hoo, so the Jubilee weekend is over :(

Check out my blog post on the Meadham Kirchhoff at Topshop Fashion extravaganza that took place last week Friday  to celebrate the diamond Jubilee. Topshop were also handing out lots of yummy sweet treats such as candy floss, popcorn and cupcakes. Umm I think I ate a cupcake each and every day over the Jubilee weekend.... grrrr!! 

Topshop really went all out as this Meadham Kirchhoff spectacular really was SPECTACULAR!!!

Click on the link below to view this post:

I wrote this post for

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bargain of the week

This week's bargain of the week is another goodie,  infact I almost did not get my hands on this item, see i walked in to H&M yesterday to return something and as I was leaving the store I saw a cute shirt on the mannequin, I knew I needed to have it so I frantically searched for the this shirt in store but I could not find it. As I am not one to give up I asked one of the sales assistants for her help, she pointed me into the direction of a random rail where guess what??  on this random rail was this shirt, ahh!!! I was happy, like a kid in a candy store and as it was the only one left, which means I was meant to have it.... right? I grabbed it immediately, blinked as I checked the price as it was VERY purse friendly and headed straight to the cash desk!!!

So here it is, my bargain of the week

H&M embroidered shirt, 
Price £7.99

It is 1 size too big though but because of the style of the shirt I think it looks quite cool worn over sized, (a key trend this season)what do you think?

My outfit

Bag-River Island

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I love me some VV Vintage

I have recently discovered VV Vintage by British singer VV Brown.

The online site has lots of gorgeous vintage finds such as these lovely items below

Another cool thing about VV Vintage is that they are giving away a free vinyl with every purchase!!! I LOVE  a good vinyl. I have started collecting them as I want to get my hands on a  old record player.

Anyway so last week VV Vintage launched on ASOS market place.

I have written two blog post on VV Vintage .com; 1 for Dose of vitamin f:

click on this link to view the post :

And another post for

 click on this link to view post:

Have a read at let me know what you think!!! xx

Supporting the Unknown

I am all about supporting fab new talent!!  Last month I was invited to a cool fashion show in South London that showed the collections of  12  up and coming fashion designers.

Click on the link below to check out my write up on this fashion show, which I wrote for  on line fashion site: 'Dose of Vitamin F'