Thursday, 29 August 2013

Maxing it out in black and white

Hey peeps,

I have a question, is it me but don't you think the 'down' side to having a bank holiday is that you try to cram loads in that by the time you go back to work you are sooo tired, only to have to then fit 5 days work into 4 days ( well 3 days in my case as I also took off Tuesday).

I stepped out in this simple black and white ensemble today. If this outfit could talk it would tell you that I got ready in the fastest time ever! I'm talking 20 mins. My alarm didn't go off, so when it came to choosing what to wear I went for the first thing I saw when I opened one of my  wardrobes ( which was this skirt). 

The boots, well I tripped over them so that was obviously their way of begging me to wear them lol! I hate to be rude to any style of shoe, especially when they are as fierce as these. I added a pop of colour to my outfit- a purple lip ( and my pink, dip dye hair).

Cheers to the frickin weekend!! Xx

Ps: just in case you were wondering, I made it into work on time. :)