Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Let's get festival!

So festival season has begun, with the big one being Glastonbury at the weekend. In my head I can see myself at Glasto, bubbling along to all the cool acts ( Hello Dolly P), with a bottle of cider, wearing a kimono over a slip dress or a pair of silver shorts. But then reality kicks in and the thought of camping.... well let's just say that freaks the hell out out of me and brings me right back down to reality! I would be the worst camper! My inner princess would just not cope!! However, it's sometimes a good thing to face your fears, so maybe, one day I could be writing a ' I'm heading to Glasto' post. Until then I'm sticking to non camping festivals and next weekend, I will be at the Wireless festival, ( Hello Bruno Mars).

I have started thinking about my festival look and I definitely think it will involve a Kimono and maybe even a bandana.... Hmmm, but anyway this leads on to the inspiration behind the outfit in this post.

I picked up this rucksack in the sample sale at work, it is from Topshop. ( I work for Arcadia), I love how it screams festival but also has an exotic feel to it, with all the colourful prints, trims and embellishment.

So, the top belonged to my mum, she was going to get rid of it but my big eyes spotted it in her ' chuck away' pile, and I grabbed it faster than you could say 'Chuck'. I think the print is gorge and I love the kimono - style of the top. Teamed with a pair of black leather shorts, biker boots and my floppy hat, it definitely has a festival vibe going on, right?

 I actually ended up wearing this outfit to a pub lunch/a vintage shop day out, where I  picked up so pretty cool stuff, (but I will write another post about that later).

I will of course take snaps of my for Wireless outfit, and the acts, so look out for a post on here and keep an eye on twitter and Instagram.

Let me know which festivals you are going to.