Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Bargain of the week

This weeks Bargain of the week is a little Bling Bling. When I came across this necklace I found my self ooohing and aahhing and when I saw the price tag I yelled a very loud "WHAT?"  I then headed straight to the cash desk (skipping).


As a lover of  breath taking bling jewellery this necklace stood out to to me due its bling factor and the price tag (obvs).  On the same day I also bought a new "coffee table" book on Vintage fashion (from a random book shop).

I do love to wear a bit of bling, any form of bling-ness can edge up any simple outfit a la the super cool Rihanna.

Image courtesy of Xposure photos

I wore this bling beauty last week with a long-line logo tee, leather leggings and of course a lash of red lippy. I annoyingly didn't take a pic. I really must do so more style pics of moi so that's going to be a new little challenge. The question now is... who can I ask to take my picture??  hmm watch this space!

What do you think of this weeks "my bargain of the week"?