Monday, 1 October 2012

The Pink Mothballs Launch Party

So last Saturday night I was kindly invited to the launch party of Pink mothballs, an exciting new app that allows girls to borrow and lend clothes with friends. I was first made aware of this app a few months ago when a friend had retweeted a tweet about the launch of this app. I can't remember the exact words but the reweet caught my eye as it mentioned something about that annoying feeling of never having anything to wear, which I SO can relate to.

I followed Pink mothballs immediately and discovered the founder behind it was a cool chick called Amanda; I went on her blog and was hooked by the concept of pink mothballs.

Like many chicas I have a ram jam wardrobe(s ) but I still ALWAYS find myself complaining to any one who will listen that I do not have anything to wear.

        My Outfit

My Outfit

I chose to wear the HOTTEST pair of baroque leggings from one of my FAVE vintage brands; The Pretty Junk, I swear, I have fallen in love with these leggings and I didn't not want to TAKE THEM OFF!!!

The rest of my outfit: Studded boots, Topshop: Rings Topshop: Bag: Oxfam, Shaggy fur jacket: Vintage, Head Chain:

The Launch party

The launch part took place in a nice bar in North London called Love and Liquor, the room was decorated in all things pink (right up my street), I'm talking pink balloons and pink lamp shades. On arrival guests were greeted by a lovely girl that handed out "win £200 to spend on some new garmz' card that was of course pink, a pink mothballs goody bag and a rather tasty pink cocktail.

Other treats on the night:

-Two tables full of sweets,
-Pink n mix old skool style,
- A topless guy (with a very fit body) who was rocking a "pink mothball" chain
- And my FAVOURITE  treat was the most epic cake I've ever seen.  A humongous cake that was in the form of a wardrobe.

"Ooh Hello"


Lovely Blogger Jo from The GladRags

 Amanda then gave a speech/presentation about the app, which included a humorous and engaging screening about how pink mothballs all came about. I have always admired people who have the balls to chase their  dream. Amanda is very inspiring and  Pink mothballs is such a great idea as it appeals to a wide range of age groups, more so now than ever due to dare I say it.... the  recession, we are all looking for ways to save the pennies without compromising our style obvs.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fun filled, pink event; I met lots of cool fellow bloggers and some of Amanda's friends who were super lovely. I walked away with two thoughts:

1-  How incredibly tasty the cake was
2- And wondering how long it took to make

Pink mothballs is so going to blow up, I hope Amanda is ready

Pink mothballs is available to download on the iphone
Go, Go, Go.