Thursday, 6 June 2013

Currently 'Locked In Closets'

I am currently head-over-heels with the mini music video for 'Locked in Closets', by the oh-so-fabulously-cool Solange Knowles. This is one fun, fashion filled video!

Personal highlights:
  1. In true solange style, this vid is packed with lots and lots of print clashing and mashing the right Solange way.
  2. One I-must-have-now pink lace dress AND a jaw-dropping leopard print jacket with a very yummy pink (faux?) fur collar, which gave me butterflies when I first laid my fashion eye upon it, (yes really!)
  3. A lust worthy HOT pair of metallic pilgram shoes by Alexander Wang.
  4. The crazy cool pink house.

Watch the video your self here  and let me know what you think? x