Friday, 27 April 2012

Nicola Roberts... please step forward


In every girl group there is always a star, you know the one who seems to stand out the most from all the rest, i.e. scary spice in the Spice girls, Beyonce in Destiny child, Perrie in Little mix. But what is even more interesting is when the group ‘break up’ the other members that you didn’t really notice much seem to find their own style and then ‘bam’ just like that you find your self becoming a little obsessed with them. Well this is how I feel about Nicola Roberts from Girls aloud. Back when girls aloud were together, all eyes seemed to constantly be on Cheryl Cole, with the other 4 members barely getting a look in. In terms of the popularity factor it sort of went like this 90% Cheryl, 5% Sarah, 3% Nadine (mainly because of her love life), 2% Kimberly and 1% Nicola Roberts (this is not a fact just my opinion though lol)
Girls Aloud days

In 2010 when the group decided to take a break, again all eyes were on Cheryl being tipped as the only one to have a successful solo career after girls aloud. Fast forward 2 years later  who would have thought that this would change so drastically! Well it did for one girl in particular-step forward Miss Nicola Roberts..

 Since the girls aloud break Nicola Roberts has gone from 1% to ‘the one to watch' Not only has she released a very successful make up range (Danity Doll: a range for pale skin tones), a funky first solo single ‘Beat of my Drum’ a successful debut solo album ‘Cinderella Eyes’ BUT she is now a style icon for many with her gorgeous big ginger hair, pale skin and quirky, daring, fabulous style, given the singer an overall unique look and making her stand out.

I love this picture

Lets not also forget that she was hand picked by the fab Rih Rih to co-host her new fashion talent show, which is currently being record (excited!)

I remember when I first woke up and took notice of Nicola Roberts style, it was when I saw a photo of her in a fab Fuchsia pink Vanessa Bruno jacket and matching fuchsia pink shorts, gorge!! 

The good thing about Nicola Roberts is that many of the items that she wears are from the high street, which means we too can purchase these items , Yay! I have noticed like me she is a BIG Topshop lover.
See the pic below where she is rocking a jumper from the Topshop Unique SS11 collection and Topshop boots.  I WANT that jumper!! hee hee I love how she is rocking the jumper as a dress.