Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ooooh did someone say TOPSHOP SALE

 I received an email today entitled 'shhh Topshop sale'. Now Topshop and sale are like Chocolate and ice cream! The point I am making here..... these two words are a good combination, especially when its mid month and my purse is feeling a little light i.e the cash flow isn't great (hmm how long until pay day?)

Anyway it turns out that the Topshop sale does not officially start until tomorrow but the sale is live on the web today. So on my lunch break, in between munching on my yummy and very healthy lunch ( FYI-mackerel and vegetables) I sat down in front of the computer to 'browse' the sale. I set myself a budget of £50 and 30 min time frame.

30 minutes later
My basket was filled with a few nice bits (see below) as you may have noticed  the majority of my basket consists of shoes lol! well that is why my uncle nick named me shoena. :) plus if I'm honest the shoe section is the strongest section in the topshop sale... i have always thought this, and i have a sneaky feeling many regular topshop shoppers will agree with me. 

 NOW £20

NOW £25


NOW £50

NOW £30

NOW £35

The result
After much deliberating.... I went with the below 2 options. Time spent: 45mins (yes I went over the allocated time allowance) amount spent: £40= 1 successful lunch time+happy me