Thursday, 17 May 2012


Like many women, I have serious addiction to shoes!! high heels, wedges, platforms, boots, flatforms, the occasional flat shoe although I do prefer brogues or a low heeled boot rather than pumps... I love nothing more than buying a fab pair of shoes!

When did I fall in love with shoes?  Ummm I would probably have to say it was at age 16 when I went with my big sis to the Bentall shoppping centre in Kingston, we stumbled across a sale in Faith shoe shop and I remembering coming home with 4 pairs of shoes! Hmmm so maybe my sister is to blame for this addiction lol!  At the time I was at Kingston college so I would often pop into faith on my lunch break, if my memory serves me correctly I remember coming home with 1-2 pairs of shoes everyday until the Faith sale ended and that sale went on for 1 month. Now if you do the maths, you will work out that I ended up with LOTS of shoes!!

I still remember when my brother helped me move (whilst I was at work) I then came home and he shook his head at me and told me how he could not believe how many shoes  I had been 'hiding'. This then led to my uncle giving me the nickname 'shoe-na' which is why my blog is called 'Just call me shoena' .

I always get asked how many shoes I own, truth is I don't really know as I've lost count... But if I am honest its not that important as a girl can never have too many shoes, right?

At the moment I am SOOOO loving Jeffrey Campbell shoes, below are some of my faves!

Jeffrey Campbell  Roque sandal  £105.53

Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, £105.53

Jeffrey Campbell  Rockaway sandal, £140.65

Jeffrey Campbell Virgo wedge platform mule, £93.75

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy fab sandal , £90.40

How gorge are these shoes??? which are your faves??

My name is Sheena Shoe-na and I have CRAZY-STUPID-LOVE for shoes!!!!