Thursday, 17 May 2012

Please can you 'Gok Wan' me?

I have been meaning to post this blog for ummm 1 month. Opps! Well as the saying goes... better late than never.

Last month one of my besties asked me to ‘Gok wan’ her aka give her a style makeover/update. Of course I jumped at the chance, those that know me will know how much I LOVE styling and offering my style advice whenever I can!!
We didn’t have much time as I had a meeting at 4pm BUT we did get manage to pick up lots of lovely items. I chose to shop at Topshop (Oxford circus) as not only is it our fave shop BUT it’s easy place to shop as there is soooooo much under one roof. Plus we could also pop into Miss Selfridge next door and try on all the clothes at the same time.
My friend has a fab figure but always tends to just throw on jeans and ugg boots, grrr. Although when she does get dressed up she looks fab!! I am always telling her that she needs to have fun with her day time look more often instead of just opting for jeans and a top AND I am always begging her to get her legs out more. Haaa I am not bossy friend!!
We had such a fun time, spending way too much of her hard earned money on lots of great items and the best part?? She wants to do it all again, yay!! So next week we are going on another ‘gok wan’ shopping trip, or should that be another ‘ Shoe-na style ‘ shopping  trip?!
Look out for the post on here!

Below are some of the items we bought.

My friend work-ing it in two of the items we bought :)
How HOT does she look in the dress?!!