Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer time in London

AHH  Summer time in London is just fab!!! I'm loving every min of it!!  I will admit when i first heard that were due to get sun I did have doubts as to how hot it would actually be. But boy has it been SO hot and it still is. As I write this post i am rocking:

 -leather  shorts  WITH OUT tights (this is major for me as I am a tights wearing junkie, I must own about over 20 pairs!!)
-ankle socks ( just for fun plus the air con at work is a JOKE)
 -orange wedges
 - My fave blue hat
-and a  cool pink checked  over sized shirt that I again 'found' in my wardrobe... I must take a pic later...

Anyway so I thought I would post a pic of what I wore on Sunday, let me know what you think! x


- Hat-St Saviours( Constructed in London)
-Studded Leather jacket- Miss Selfridge
-Dress-A stall at a vintage fair
 -Shoes-River  Island
-Bag-Urban Outfitters