Thursday, 20 September 2012

I need a pick me up

Can you feel that chill in the air? Autumn is definitely here, grr!!  and I for one am not happy about it. I mean to be fair I do love A/W fashion as I can rock all my faux fur jackets, coats etc but it's just the dark nights and the drop in temperature that is tough but hey ho, no point in complaining lol!

I am in need of a pick me today, pay day is still far away, I cant seem to completely shake off this cold so I am walking around with tissues (how glam!) SO after work today I am taking myself (and my pack of tissues) to Topshop to buy some rings.

Now those that know me will know that I LOVE me some rings!! the wackier the better, the larger the better. I like to wear 4 or 5 at a time. For me leaving the house with out wearing rings is like being naked and I really do feel that rings can add a edge or that fun factor to any outfit. I own so many rings BUT I haven't bought a new one in a while. I have had a peak on the toppers website and I know exactly what I am after. Below are some (and I mean some) of the rings that I have my eyes on.

You might notice that a few of the selected rings below have a theme in common.... crosses. Yes, i'm a tad obsessed with crosses at the moment.

I will let you know which rings I ended up buying later.