Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Vogue Fashion's night out

Tomorrow is Vogue fashion's night out with various stores all around the UK holding exciting events in store and offering various discounts. As there is soooooooo much choice and I am not sure where to start lol! I would love to go to all the events but as this is not at all possible I have limited my choice down to Topshop, as I really want to see Delilah perform live in the Topshop window ( yes really). Miss Selfridge: as they are holding are ‘Love to Customise sequins, studs ’ shopping night and boy do I love to customise. I  also do love a bit of sparkle and studs so this is definitely right up my street. I do also want to make a dash to Aqua as their current collection is beautiful, especially the ‘City of Gold’ range. They are offering 30% off tomorrow which is ummm amaze.

Where will you be heading? x


Armour trouser, Aqua