Tuesday, 18 December 2012

House of Shoena is up and running

I am pleased to announce that my on-line boutique ‘House of Shoena’ is now live.

It has been live for 2 weeks and is doing well which is great. I have lots of new items that will be added soon… probably after xmas as this week is looking manic with it being the last full working week in the office before Xmas. Can you believeeeeeeeee it… this day next week it will be Xmas 2012 YAY!! I love Xmas!!!!

New York fashion on-line site; Dose of Vitamin F wrote a little blog post about HOS  here which is great. Look out for an interview with me on there site in few weeks.

Fashion blogger Mariam also wrote a great post about HOS for Swallow our words. Check it out here

As I need some help with HOS, I am currently interviewing for 2 interns haaa I know, who do I think I am lol!

Big thank to both Dose of Vitamin F, Mariam and everyone else for all the HOS love! xxxx
Check out HOS here