Monday, 31 December 2012

Just an old fashion thank you

How is it New Years Eve already?! I'm in the middle of writing a sort of 'looking back at the year' post as lets face it its good to do this... reflect, just for a few minutes as sometimes we can 'forget'  things that have happened, achievements, 'wake up calls' etc. I will publish this post later on today.

For now I just wanted to write a quick 'big up' post to say THANK YOU ( yes I am shouting) to all my ridiculously-amazingsupportive friends and family for supporting my blog, my on-line boutique, all things 'Shoe-na' and of course supporting my career change ( FYI- I moved from Fashion Buying to the world of Fashion and Beauty PR and Marketing).

Thank you also to all those that read my blog! I will continue to update you all on all that is happening in the hectic but always  fabulous world of 'Shoe-na' :)

I'm excited about 2013 and I plan on continuing to work my socks off to make more things happen!  so keep your eyes firmly peeled as I plan to take over the fashion world (lol, well not take over but add to the fashion world), one stiletto at a time.

Happy New Year! xx