Friday, 1 March 2013

Special announcement

So I have an announcement; after many, many hours I am pleased to announce that I have FINALLY finished packing, hooray!!

In a few hours I will be heading to the airport as I fly out to Thailand for one of my best friends beach wedding. I am super excited as I haven't seen the bride in the flesh for umm 2 years. Obviously emailing, texting is fab but it will be uhhhh-mazing to see my friend in the flesh if only to give her one of my hugs and annoying pinches.

I am also looking forward to catching some rays as god knows I need some vitamin D lol!

You should see my bridesmaid dress, ahhhh I love it!! oh and did I mention I am doing a speech, GULP!!

I should mention that I am the worst packer ever! I struggle as I want to take my whole room which is impossible but that's because I love to have options. Then there is the footwear dilemma, I will tell you I spent  hours reviewing  footwear options ( yes really), I know this might sounds crazy but well my nick name is Shoe-na.  In the end I narrowed my shoe count to 6 (including flip flops which is pretty impressive don't you think?

I then took my sister's advice and I set my self a challenge of really outfit planning to avoid my usual packing fluster and it worked, yay!

I will be taking pics for the blog and I might see if I can fit in a cheeky blog post whilst i'm out there. I will be back to blogging when I get back in 10 days time but for now I will leave you with this image.