Friday, 1 March 2013

An evening with China doll boutique

Last Thursday I jumped on a train (from South West London baby) and headed to East London for a exciting bloggers event, that was being held by one of my fave on-line boutiques; China doll boutique.

I first became aware of China doll boutique back in June last year (June 16th to be exact; my birthday) at a bloggers event called TOWIB (The only way is blogging) which I blogged about here. Since then I have to admit that I have become HOOKED so you can imagine my delight when I received an invited for this event at the Box park in Shoreditch.

The night was so much fun! it was packed with lots of cool bloggers (obvs), lots of yummy snacks, cocktails and uber- fabulous china doll products. As soon as I walked in I noticed the HOTTEST neon dress that I knew I HAD to have!!! I do not have a picture of the dress but fear not I will be wearing it very soon so look out for a post on here to see how I will style it up; hmmm i'm thinking a black chunky boot with a nice pink pout!

I then bumped into a faux fur gilet which was shouting at me to buy and as I am a sucker for all things faux fur lets just say it didn't take much convincing.

China doll boutique founder Nhuc (who is one cool-ass chick) was on hand to ensure everyone was happy and was wearing the sexiest pair of studlicious boots.I  also met the awesome Bunni punch who is cool as chips.

All in all it was such a great evening and I found myself on a high from my shopping fix, sugar hit, and the whole fabulousness of the night.

If you haven't already checked out china doll boutique  then I suggest you head over to the site or head down to the pop up shop at the box park (unit 33) immediately! A word of warning- you WILL spend some serious cash!!

Thanks Nhuc for the invite!  :)