Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Purple popping pout!

I wore this outfit last week to an over due catch up lunch with a group of friends. On this day the sun was shining hard and like many Londoners desperate for some warm weather, I was fooled by the sun shining hard against my window. So much so I stepped out of the house wearing only my gilet over a metallic top and jumper. I regretted my choice the second I stepped one heel out of the door and I mean seconds! I quickly woke up and ran back home to get my bumble bee aka one my warmest faux fur coats, that was definitely the best decision I made that day.

Although seriously when are we going to have some real spring weather? Answers on a postcard please. Spring is definitely taking its sweet time BUT if we allow ourselves to trust the weather man, word is that we are due to get some spring weather this weekend, Yay!

Anyway no more weather talk. Lets focus on more important things like my lippy. I have had this purple lipstick for ummm, about 2 months, I recently rediscovered it and I have been wearing it a lot! It is from Sleek MakeUp and costs only £4.99. I do love to wear a bright lip as it just adds a bit of fun to any outfit.

Bright lips are a key beauty trend for SS13 but I guess not for the faint hearted. The trick is to find the right shade for your skin tone and then you are sorted.

I will confess that I do own a ridiculously bright shade of orange that I am saving for the right occasion and I guess the right outfit, AND I am sure I also own a blue-purple shade but lets save that for another blog post.

What do you think of my purple popping pout? would you rock purple lipstick?

Outfit: Hat: H&M,  Sunglasses: Vintage, Top: Topshop, Necklace: Primark, Leggings: ASOS
Gilet: China doll boutique. Lipstick: Exxxagerate by Sleek MakeUP.