Sunday, 14 July 2013

Miss me?

Dear  'Just call me Shoe-na', I've missed you squillions!! But I thought about you soo much and I'm back with lots to write about, so I hope you are ready from me!

On a serious note, I've been a bit quiet on the blog for a few weeks, which isn't cool but the last 4 weeks have been cray, cray! All good things though and I am armd with lots of photos and things to share, so kick back, grab a drink and have a read.

So this heatwave that we have had for umm 2 weeks is just great! Everyone seems happier when the sun is out  in full effect and things that would normally  be a struggle such as Monday mornings, somehow do not seem as bad, don't you think?

This weekend I went the Wireless festival and I had best time, bubbling away to tunes and sipping on cider. Miguel, Trey Sexy Songz and John Legend were brill,  Snoop Dogg Lion  was surprisingly fab;  I say this as since his silly  name change, I have not really been feeling his new material. I assumed that he would perform all his new stuff and not any of  his 'dogg' songs.  My sister assured me that he would but I wasn't convinced so I was playing a toilet break and cider top during his performance, but boy was I wrong. Mr  snoop dogg  lion smashed it! he got the crowd  pumped up and he took it  back to the good old snoop days with songs like 'What's my name' and Drop it like its hot'.  Justin Timberlake killed it too and  the surprise appearance from the Amazing Jay-Z was just  EPIC!

With only a few mins to get ready, I kept my outft quite simple = a all black outfit , except  my footwwear which you can't see in the picture. (Sorry about that

Did anyone else go to wireless?

Recycled Leather short: Vintage fair
Crop top:House of Shoena
Necklace Topshop
Sun glasss: Primark