Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bargain-istic bad boy

Regular readers of my blog will know that one thing I love is a OMG bargain!! I am a firm believer that  with clever buying i.e knowing which items to splurge on coupled with having the fashion bargain eye to be able to spot a true bargain can result in a great outfit, for a price that can be as cheap as a daily travel card (FYI- £7.70 last time I checked but no doubt this has gone up, arrggh).

This outfit below cost a total of £60.98

I am madly in love with my Orange Vintage, mohair coati-gan! it is so warm over-sized and I just love the brightness of the colour and the detail. I almost did not buy this as I was umming and arring for about hour as I wasn't sure if it  was a bit too 'over-sized' for my petite frame. Haa I swear I was driving the sales assistant and shop owner mad. In the end they kindly gave me this beauty for £25 (it was originally priced at £40). I skipped away with my new purchase with the biggest smile on my face.

My floppy hat is from H&M, I fell in love with the Oxblood colour way that I purchased last year and blogged about here

This was my first outfit for 2013. I wore this on the first day back to work, followed by dinner after work. (FYI- I did not leave the house on New Years day... umm sore head any one?)

Do you love a bargain? What is one of your latest bargains/best bargains to date? Holla at me as I would love to know.

Thoughts on my barganistic outfit? x

haaa excuse the funny facial expression


                                                                                The Outfit
Hat-H&M (old) £12.99
Dress: H&M- on sale now  for £7, (I bought it for £12.99 before the sales grrr)
Boots: Vintage- £10 from Portobello road
Bag: is my mum's bag.
Coati-gan- Vintage £25
Accessories- gifts

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