Sunday, 6 January 2013

Did someone say Bad hair day?

There are days in every gal's life when her hair just wont do what it is told: aka a bad hair day.  I had one of those one last week grrr! Thank goodness for the head band which is a girl's best friend on a bad hair day and can also liven up a outfit.

Make like the oh-so-super-stylish (and my ultimate style icon) Solange Knowles by rocking a fabulous ethnic head band available to buy on HOS.

These gorgeous African print head bands are from the made by amu-dat collection, hand made by lovely fashion blogger Mariam Bashorun

I am pleased to be stocking 5 of her lush head bands on my on-line boutique: House of Shoena
All head bands are unique, reversible and are priced at a purse friendly purse of £8.  Style-card members can purchase the head bands for £7.20.

So what are you waiting for, go and get your click on at HOS :) xxx

Check out Mariam's blog here.