Friday, 25 January 2013

"Hello lover"-my bargain of the week

Hands up if you have found January a wee bit of a struggle? Hands up if you are SERIOUSLY counting the days until pay day? (My hands were up for both questions).

OK so this year I have had a major case of the January blues, grr! I know I am not alone on this as my lovely colleague and I talk about the January blues constantly!!!

January is such a strange old month, you only have to look at the person's face next to you on the tube on the morning commute to confirm this. Even the other day in River Island where I was "dragged" to go to after work with one of my fave colleagues, a group of girls were stood right behind me talking about how "depressed" they were this week, I wanted to turn around and say “I know, I feel you" but I chose not to.

Right then and there I decided that I was no longer going to give in to the "January blues bug" (what’s left of January, that is). So whereas (like many) I attempted a detox and failed miserably, I am definitely going to eat more healthy and clean but will allow myself the odd treat (hello chocolate muffin) and I will not feel ‘guilty’ about it. I am also going back to Zumba, Kick boxing and Jogging as I so enjoy keeping fit and I have been slack since... ummm.. NOVEMBER 2012 , *shakes head in shock horror*

I am also going to set some monthly goals rather than resolutions and I'm definitely going to try and stress less and "not sweat the small stuff". Now I know January is almost over and you could argue that my new way of thinking is a tad late BUT better late than never right?

It seems the shoe fairies were in agreement with me as whilst I was thinking all of the above I tripped (literally) over pair of gold boots that had been chucked on the floor by a shopper. As the saying goes another gal's shopping trash, is another gal's treasure (ha- ok I made that up, but you get where I'm going with this) but in front of me were a OMG gold pair boots (that I had swooned over months ago) in my size AND the best part... they were on sale for £10 from £85.

Did someone say BARGAIN??

These golden booties will instantly add a injection of now-ness to any outfit.

Now I just need the silly snow to disappear pronto so I can rock these bad boys ASAP!!