Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My bargain of the week

Ok, hands up if like me you are SO hating this ridiculously  cold   FREEZING weather? Seriously since the weather dropped last week, I am finding it even harder to get up in the mornings and as the office is as cold as ice I am wearing so many layers that I (almost) find myself breaking out in a sweat during the morning commute (how sexy!) I have also become seriously attached to my pink hot water bottle, and I mean seriously! So much so my pink hot water bottle almost came to work with me yesterday but I annoying forgot to take it as I had to make a quick dash out of the door to catch the 7.10 bus.

Anyway the only positive thing that has come out of this annoying temperature drop is that I had to buy a pair of gloves as I realised I some how did not own a pair aka I have misplaced my gloves from last Winter.

So meet my new orange Pu/Tweed beauties that I bought from River Island for a January sale friendly price of £7 ( originally £18) .

River Island

I love how warm and oh-so bright these gloves are, what do you think?