Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Take Two

This was me two Saturday’s ago;Saturday 9th to be exact, except I wasn’t in NYC, I was in North London standing with a suitcase that weighed way more than I do ( twice over) and my hand bag. Oh and I was rocking a faux fur leopard print hat with ears after the wind decided to destroy my umbrella, ella (sorry, I couldn't resist it),  frantically trying to hail a black taxi in HEELS (when will I learn).

After many failed attempts luck was finally on my side as a black taxi stopped for me (praise the lord),the driver kindly got out to help me with my over packed suit case, commenting on how heavy my suitcase was. The conversation then went like this:

Driver: “ Which airport love? 
Me:“ Huh? no, no I’m going away next month, today  I’m off to a studio for the 2nd shoot for my on-line shop”
Driver: ohh he said, how fancy”
Me:  “umm not really but can you please put a step on it as I’m in a mad rush lol”

The shoot
We used two different models from the first shoot, and they were just as gorgeous as the first models with that HOS vibe going on.

Models: Loannae Hamilton and Marinela Carvalha

We also had the help of a lovely Make Up Artist called Salma Patel who was a delight to work with!

We shot a few pieces featured in the I love Pacha fashion show that I blogged about here and a few new lust-worthy items recently added to the House of shoena wardrobe.

me striking a pose lol! Skirt- China doll boutique, bag- Beara Beara.

I absolutely love styling and working on fashion shoots and once I got over the hyper cat that seemed to want to be part of the shoot (FYI- Cats and I are not friends)I was in my element styling the models and munching on sushi (not at the same time, I must add).
We used the same studios (as its is like vintage heaven) and the same photographer; the fabulous Pete Fallan ( this guy rocks)  which resulted in another ridiculously  UH-mazing photo shoot. I cannot wait for HOS shoot number 3!
Thank you  to both models; Lonnae and Marinela for seriously wooorking the HOS clothes!!!! Pete Fallan for once again taking the most fab-tastic shots!! and Jake Bullough aka Mr Beara Beara for letting us use your studio and allowing us to play with your Ridiculously beautiful bags!! 

Note: All clothes (apart from my outfit) will be available on House of Shoena in a few weeks.