Friday, 15 June 2012

Hidden Treasure

So  a few weeks ago whilst searching for a bag in my wardrobe  I  found a pair of shoes that I bought from Zara, way back in January and  I had some how forgotten about them! There they were in a small box  (in a  zara bag) starring at me, I will admit for a minute I paused to think what could be in the box as I couldn't remember, but let me tell you once I opened the box I screamed like a kid in a candy store!! I  then found myself jumping for joy as I SO love these shoes and can not believveeeee that I had just dumped them in  bag and left them in the hand bag section in my wardrobe. (Yes I have a hand bag section)

So with that said.. here are the beauties.... colour block platform sandals from Zara, 

Oh and another thing, the receipt was also in the bag and it seems I only paid £12.99 for these shoes... the best thing?? they were originally £79.99, ohh I love me a BARGAIN!!!!!!!

What do you think?