Monday, 25 June 2012

My Bargain of the week

So I was meant to post this last week , opps (slapping  hands). Here is my bargain of last week; a  pink pretty Trilby hat.

WAS £5, NOW £2

As a big hat lover, I was happy to find this cutie AND even happier that it was £2!!!  I popped into Primarni to pick up pair of tights as I some how managed to ladder the pair that I had on that day, grrrr! So there I was in the queue waiting to pay for my tights and them BAM, in the corner of my eye I spotted this hat.Of course I left the queue and made a quick dash to the fixture that this hat had been dumped on.

I have been wearing this umm quite a  abit. Ohhhh I love me a bargain!!

What do you think? xx