Friday, 15 June 2012

Birthday Cake

So tomorrow is my birthday and those that know me will confirm that I am a BIG BIRTHDAY person!!!

I have celebrated my birthday each and every year from the age of ummm 15...

To date my all time fave birthday cake was my one from last year, baked by one of my gorgeous besties and her mum. It not only looked FAB but  it also tasted YUM-MY!!!!!

It went down a storm  with all guests at my Hollywood themed birthday, yes it was Hollywood themed, cue red carpet, men  look dapper in suits and bow ties and girls looking glam in red carpet-esque dress.

What did I wear? a gold, one shoulder studded leotard  that My very cool bestie designed and made for me.

 Now you see what I mean when I say I love my birthday.

What do you think??

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