Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bargain of the week

This week's bargain of the week is another goodie,  infact I almost did not get my hands on this item, see i walked in to H&M yesterday to return something and as I was leaving the store I saw a cute shirt on the mannequin, I knew I needed to have it so I frantically searched for the this shirt in store but I could not find it. As I am not one to give up I asked one of the sales assistants for her help, she pointed me into the direction of a random rail where guess what??  on this random rail was this shirt, ahh!!! I was happy, like a kid in a candy store and as it was the only one left, which means I was meant to have it.... right? I grabbed it immediately, blinked as I checked the price as it was VERY purse friendly and headed straight to the cash desk!!!

So here it is, my bargain of the week

H&M embroidered shirt, 
Price £7.99

It is 1 size too big though but because of the style of the shirt I think it looks quite cool worn over sized, (a key trend this season)what do you think?

My outfit

Bag-River Island


  1. Lovely shirt I love the pattern xx

    1. Me too! now you can see why I HAD to have it!! Thanks for visting my blog! :) x