Sunday, 25 November 2012

20 mins to find a 'Bed' outfit

Hey peeps,

Hope you have all had great weekends!

Friday night I went out with the lovely girls from Wish Want Wear. After a busy work week I was SO looking forward to dancing the night away and of course catching up with the girls. I opted for my black sequin cut out dress and a purple feathered beaut thing that I recently 'found' in my wardrobe.

Then  at 6.55pm ish the funniest thing happened, as I got off the train I had several messages from my friend who had arranged the night out; there was a slight problem. It turns out that my friend had found out that the club we were going to were throwing a themed night that night, the theme being bed/sleepwear and that we all had to dress for the occasion. Now I love a theme and I love getting dressed up BUT to be told at 7pm on the night is enough to make any girl break out in a sweat lol! Especially as I was meant to be meeting another friend at 7.20 for a catch up before I met the wish want wear girls.

With my bank balance on the thin side (pay day; where are you?) and time against me my options were very limited and at that point I realised there was only one shop that could save me; PRIMANI. I ran down oxford circus in my high heels like a crazy woman, making my way to the sleepwear section in the primark on Tottenham court road. I grabbed the first thing I saw which was a long, slinky red dress and teamed it with my feather beauty and a bright red lip!

I pulled if off, the outfit went down a treat. Although this is not actually what I would wear to bed but keep its shhhh

All in all great night, great company!

I don't have any pics of me wearing this though which is a shame, I really must get in to the habit of taking more pics of me lol!