Tuesday, 13 November 2012

OMG!!! I am Woman of the week!!

After a stressful morning getting into work today (FYI- I took the wrong bus from the station to work, well it was the  right number but it was going in the wrong direction in my defence today is day 2 at my new job so I am still getting used to the route). Anyway so I frantically ran into the office feeling hot and a little stressed, then 'bam' A message came up on my phone telling me that I had been named "Woman of the Week"!!  I wanted to scream right then but I didn't as I was sat  at my desk and I don't want my new colleagues to think I am a nutter, so I ran to the ladies and screamed there lol!

I am SO pleased with the write up, and feel SOOOOO honoured.
Check it out here: