Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Bargain of the Week

Last week something happened that is quite unusual for moi; I ran into a shop to return a faulty top and came out with a pair of.... TRAINERS! Well actually they were a pair of high tops. Now those that know me will know that I was born in heels and I NEVER EVER wear trainers apart from when I am at the gym, Zumba or Kick boxing. I do own four pairs of flat shoes ( a pair of brogues, ankle boots and two ballet pumps) but apart from that I am all about the heels (all different heel heights though). I do love a wedge too but I do go weak at the knees at the sight of a fabulous-fierce heel. Yes, yes like many woman I do have a serious shoe addiction.

So anyway, back to the high tops well I first developed a crush on the high top back in Summer when I came across a cute floral pair in Topshop. (See below)

I flirted with them for a hour or so and tried them on but when it was time to confront my crush I chickened out. I walked away from my high top crush and I opted for a  pair of  Jaw-dropping, yellow snake skinned heels that my eye in the corner instead. See I figured that I would wear the yellow beauties a lot more as its what I know best, whilst even though my high top crush was very cute (and made me blush) I feared that they had a higher chance of being dumped in my bedroom shoe corner as I would 'forget' about them and at £85 this would be a waste of  hard earned fashion cash.

So what changed? Well on my day off from work I found myself running London like a crazy woman with a long list of mundane errands that included meetings, paying bills, returning back a faulty top blah blah I noticed that my 'run around' Chelsea boots that I always wear on days off/weekends (due to their comfort but still coolness ability)were seriously in need of some TLC; they needed to be re heeled. The guy in the shoe re heel place was quoting all sorts of Central London prices and it burned me to pay this as I know the guy in the shop down the road from my house charges half the price. Without sounding tight I really did not want to pay OTT Central London Price that I had been quoted, I told the guy that I would come back later. 

I ran into Primani to return a faulty top, standing in the very long returns queue I found myself umming and arring about what to do. On one hand even though the Central London quote was steep my right boot needed a new heel. I decided to just grin and bear it pay the  price, that was until I got distracted by a black pair of pleather high tops. Without even thinking, I sacrificed losing my place in then returns queue and I ran over and grabbed these high tops. It was a good thing I acted fast as there were only four left and one in my size. Plus there was a group of girls standing around the high tops. Well as they say all is fair in love and shoes. I tried them on and loved how they felt, looked and of course the price.... SOLD.

So with out further delay let me introduce you to my bargain of the week

So what do you think of my  bad-ass high tops?

At a very purse friendly price of £18 these bad boys are a  bad-ass steal.
Primani, once again I take my oxblood floppy hat (which I am wearing as I write this) off to you.

Primark, £18

Primark £18