Thursday, 1 November 2012

Rome wasn't built in a day

Hellloooooo, sorry for the lack of blog posts this week!! This week  has being a cray, cray one with my best guy friend over from the US of A and 'stranded' due to Hurricane Sandy, meetings, work has been busy but all good AND  I have been (and I still am) preping for my photo shoot tomorrow. If you do not follow me on twitter you will not be aware that I am launching a little on line shop called H.O.S (House of Shoena). After a few set backs I am pleased to announce that my shop is still happening and tomorrow I am shooting some of the outfits on 2 gorgeous models. The rest of the products will be cut outs. I will admit I am super excited but also super scared/nervous, GULP!!

Check Twitter tomorrow as we will be tweeting from the shoot :)

Oh and next week I will be blogging about the the concept behind the shop and how it all came about.

As it stands we are due to go live 30th November, ahhhh!!! You only get one launch date so we are working hard to get it right.... as the saying goes,  'Rome wasn't built in a day'.

Check out the logo (below)  for H.O.S designed by one of my super cool BFF.