Tuesday, 3 July 2012

River Island sale madness

Ahh so the River island sale started today :) I popped into  the River near to work on my way  back from a meeting, this branch was ram jammed full of both men and women frantically shopping the sale.  Now I love  sale but this  was too much , maybe this was due to the fact that I was feeling quite hot and bothered. The final straw? when a girl wacked me with her bag to grab the blazer that I was about to grab, grrrr!

All I can say is thank goodness for online shopping! I  left the trashed store, with a sore elbow (the girl that wacked me had a very heavy bag)  and returned back to work armed with a cupcake and a green tea to tackle the sales online. 

 Se below pics of my finds x

Navy Peplum playsuit, NOW £20

Rose watch, NOW £10

Prrint caged wedges, now £25

Trilby Now £7

Aztec short shorts, Now £8 (BARGAINNNNN!!!