Saturday, 7 July 2012

All that Glitters

Yesterday I started a 6 week PR Internship at Erickson Beamon. : )  If you haven't heard of Erickson Beamon They are a AM-AZING Luxury costume jewellery brand. They make the most beautiful pieces and  have made pieces for the likes of Lady gaga, Madonna and Beyonce as well as many others! Even Michelle Obama is a fan of the brand and has worn many of their gorgeous pieces  Check out the website  here . 

I wore this outfit below on my first day and as I was due to go out afterwards to a fashion BBQ in Dalston,  I also wanted to make a bit of an effort so I opted for my  FAVE denim shorts with a sequin top. This sequin gold top is actually a shrug that  I was given years ago by one of the lovely interns that I looked after/trained when I was working in fashion buying.  She gave this to me as a thank you present on her last day :) I only recently re discovered  this shrug the other day when I was going through one of my wardrobes. I am having a massive clear out at the mo and I am loving  'finding' old items that I had forgotten about.

As I always like to experiment/customise my clothes,  I thought it would be cool if I wore this back to front, so that's what I did. 

I just  secured the  back with a safety pin 

What do you think?

Sequin shrug worn as top- Vintage
Denim shorts- Fashion against aids for H&M
Snake skinned shoes-Topshop