Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spreading the Celliana love

Last week Thursday the post man handed me my post that contained many boring bills (yawn) and one package that I had to sign for. As soon as I saw who the package was from, I found my self full of crazy excitement as I had been waiting for this to arrive. I opened the package faster than you could say "excited". Inside the package was a pretty gold head  chain from Celliana- a awesome costume  jewellery brand  that had recently been brought to my attention by my sister.

The lovely team at Celliana kindly sent me this fabulous beautie to review so here goes.

I absolutely LOVE the head chain, its light, pretty, especially the jewelled stone at the centre front and definitely adds the 'wow' factor to any outfit. As someone who likes to have  fun with fashion,  I would wear it during the day as well as on a night out to a bar or dinner or even to a festival.  Now I will confess,  I have had my eye on a head chain for a while as I quite wanted to rock the  Nicole Ritche,  boho -esque look, so when I received this one from celliana I was more than ready to wear it.  Infact I wore it  the next day to a event and then yesterday  to work.

I do not have a pic of me at the event but will tell you that I wore the gorgeous head chain with a black jersey jumpsuit and a yellow blazer.  I do have a pic of my outfit yesterday below. As you can see I have teamed it with a mustard vest top and denim, sequined shorts and grey chelsea boots. You can see how it just adds a bit of 'pow' to quite a casual day time outfit. I must  also add that on both occasions,  I received  many positive compliments  about my head chain :)  and of course I pointed all into the direction of the  celliana website as it would be wrong not to spread the celliana love.

So would I recommend it? Most definitely!!!! And I am not  just saying that to be polite, as always I am keeping it real! So if you are after a lovely head piece that's pretty,  funky and just  fab, fab, fab then get yourself over to Celliana   immediately.
No doubt I will be rocking this head chain on many occasions so look out for my posts on here to see all the different ways that I have styled it up!
Oh I should add that this head chain  is  part of a new head chain collection that will launch tomorrow on the celliana website.
Let me know your thoughts xx