Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Zara Beauties

'Your room is like a mini Topshop’ are the words echoed by my sister to describe the state of my room, which is a slight exaggeration, actually a huge exaggeration!! What I will say though is that I am so loving sorting it out, well I am attempting too which is proving to be stressful and exciting at the same time.  Stressful as I will admit I do have lots of bits that I no longer need and exciting as I am 'finding' lots of nice items that I  had forgotten about or purchased. Take these yellow beauties from Zara that I 'found' the other day, in a box in my dvd cupboard ( who knows that they were doing there) But look without even trying to work that out, I am rejoicing in this  great ‘find ‘and  I am itching to wear them before the sun disappears. As they are suede and we all know how suede and rain are a bad combination.

Look out for my post on here of me rocking these yellow beauties