Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The EASTPAK Insider £5,000 challenge

Hands up who fancies trying their luck at winning £5,000??  (FYI both my hands are up). Well then pay attention to this.  Last week I was contacted about the most EXCITING challenge  I have heard about in a while (ahh), I love a challenge.  On 28th August, a mysterious individual called "The Insider" will be hiding an EASTPAK bag containing £5,000 in cash somewhere in London.  Yes really!! This is all part of a awesome trial that has being organised by iconic bag brand  EASTPAK who have teamed up with new urban company HiddenCity, to create this awesome trail; The EASTPAK Insider Trail.The great thing about this challenge is that it is completely free to enter.

So just to break this challenge down, here is all the information you need to know.

Challenge Name and start date
The EASTPAK Insider Trail, starts on 1st September 2012

How do I enter?

Head over to insidertrail.eastpak.com and sign up to be the first to know all the information about this trail and most important how to win the £5,000. Once you have signed up you will receive this message:

OK, you're on the inside now... we'll
be in touch

How will it all work?

Below is the information from the official press release

Once you have signed up to the EASTPAK Insider Trail , you will be contacted and asked to choose a trail on the HiddenCity website, enter your team details to be sent your start location and a clue by text message. The clue directs you to a hidden location within walking distance, and asks you a question about your surroundings. If you text the correct answer back you’ll receive the next clue. The rest is a mystery, which you are about to uncover…

The EASTPAK Insider Trail will feature three separate trail challenges in London locations for people to take part in teams of up to four people.  These trails can be conducted in your own time on a day of your choosing in the first three weeks of September. If the cash is not found during the first three challenges, a grand final will be held with all successful teams from the previous three challenges competing head-to-head to find the EASTPAK bag and win £5,000 cash prize.

Right, now that I have given you the full low down, what are you waiting for? Head over to 
 Insidertrial.eastpak.com  immediately!! I already have.

FYI places are limited so GO GO GO.

Oooh Imagine how many ‘WOW’ shoes, clothes and the rest you could buy with £5,000 AND of course  how cool will it be to discover lots of new places in London.
For postings and stories about this exciting challenge and to view to fellow participants visit facebook.com/eastpak.uk and twitter.com/eastpak_uk

 Let me know your thoughts and if you have registered. x