Sunday, 5 August 2012

These boots are made for walking

Yesterday on the tube on my way back from meeting friends for lunch, I noticed the HOTTEST pair of boots that were on the feet of a girl sat right opposite me. Now I will confess I did find myself staring at these boots so hard that I think I made the poor girl feel uncomfortable. (opps) So in a bid not to come across as an odd -ball I politely asked her where she bought the beautiful boots from. I also apologised for my dribbling and starring and explained my addiction to beautiful footwear!! Luckily she understood as she had the same problem. We then spent the next few stops discussing fashion and shoes and she quite liked the shoes I had on; purple heeled brogues.

So where were her boots from? Zara and she had only just bought these bad boys last week, so I thanked her and jumped off the tube and headed straight to Zara. This worked out nicely as I have been meaning to pop into Zara for the past 2 weeks as I wanted to view the AW12 collection as I’ve seen photos of SO many lust-haves. As well as successfully managing to find these boots in the Zara store I also came across many other yummy pieces (blog to follow).

These are the boots that drove me wild aka the boots that the girl on the tube had on her feet!

Studded ankle boots, £119 (also available in Black)

What do you think?